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A Massive Single from Epistemikk

A recent release from Epistemikk has a very unique approach to blending sonic textures and creating an atmosphere that gives off a bit of a cinematic backbone but also keeps to this ever-changing drive that takes you through a bit of a musical Journey and throughout that journey, there are more than a few surprises around the corners and a brilliant set of energy changes and fluctuations.

By the time you get to the end of "Questions" you feel like this was more of an experience than a song and I adore that aspect about it because it does have this sense of adventure to it and the way that there is a vastness in its undertone, but a brightness and its overtone is well thought out.

This track manages to take elements of old school and new school and smash them together by arranging the song in a certain way so that it can sort of sway and swell giving it the feeling of sort of being alive and breathing.

This is not your cookie-cutter style dance-pop, EDM, or electronica track although it involves all of those genres rolled up into one, nearly 8-minute single.

The synths and keys used during this track are damn near perfect and they give so much color and edginess at the same time to the layers of what this song gives off.

The track is quite a ride and during that ride, you get to escape from your reality for a little bit and step into a completely different world which is something that is a rarity these days no matter what the genre of music.

This could be my favorite aspect of it all simply because when the track is over you have to react to meet yourself back to your surroundings again.

There are elements of this song especially synth-wise that give me a little hint of nostalgia at times but never fully over the top because those vintage sounds are lurking just beneath the surface, but they only peek their heads out every once in a long while.

This has a refreshing feel to it and again, it has this vast and massive underbelly, but it does hit hard at the same time.

It's the arrangement and how the song unfolds that gives it its brilliance because it's got numerous builds and swells, and this is where the surprises come in because the track ends in a very high energy area and so you get the feeling it's not the end of the story or perhaps the story ends in chaos itself.

Either way, it makes you want more even though it is indeed a satiating track.

Of course, upon listening to the single I did indeed take a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of Epistemikk and upon doing so I came across five other tracks released that are all a little bit different and she'll slightly different sides of the songwriting and the vibes but there is a staple feel for these songs and this artist.

A lot of this stuff has a great drive to it and some of it even has a little bit of a haunt, but it always has this cinematic backbone that it leans on and that's the part of it that you get engulfed in and in the end washed away with.

I would strongly suggest not only checking out the single but checking out all the rest of the releases from this artist especially if you love EDM, synthwave, electronica, electro-pop, classic house, and anything else electronic music based because there's something there for just about everybody.

This was a killer release.

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