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A Massive Single From A Day In Po,mpeii

A new single release from A Day In Pompeii brings out a lush and hard-hitting combination of metal, thrash, and grunge bringing them all together into one massive soundscape that comes through driving and with tons of character.

"Hear Me Now" is a gigantic track that features some outstanding guitar work along with drumming that rumbles the ground beneath your feet and some surprising classic metal bridges that really showcase the band's different influences.

Not only are the choruses throughout this track absolutely crushing and anthemic but there are musical hooks as well and this is something that I've missed for quite some time, especially in any subgenre of rock in general.

I love the way the vocals come through so powerfully and melodically over this drudging guitar riffage and how they incorporate some screaming in there as well bringing out that sort of grindcore undertone at times, but it all comes through so tastefully and so polished but with an incredible persona attached and I think that's one of the things that you pay attention to the most.

A lot of people would label this as an alternative rock song in general but it's a lot more than that and several layers can be peeled back not just musically but lyrically throughout this track.

It does have the essence and air of late 90s early 2000s underground alt rock and even grunge and I love the way that they bring that element to the forefront, especially during those choruses but there's also a sharper heavier metal feel and its underbelly as well and they're not afraid to show that either.

For me, this track felt almost a little nostalgic but incredibly cinematic because it boasts so many impactful and memorable elements throughout the song that you could definitely see this in the scene of a film for example.

The energy level across this track is perfect and the balance dynamically is so spot on that it feels like the song could have been tracked live on the floor and then added to later because it feels like these players are just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

This is a really cool aspect of the song because it just makes you want to see them live because if the energy is like this on the recording, then a live performance must be ridiculous.

This is done by a group of people who have an absolute love for their craft and their abilities not just to perform but to do it with a fire behind it is something which gives the song that much more drive.

A lot of this song feels a little bit empowering as well because it just gets your blood pumping, and it lets you feel that energy that they give off and when that happens you get attached to the song and begin to thrive right alongside it.

This gave just the right amount of edginess, character, melody, and a sort of fantastical undertone to really create an impact.

I also really love how they sort of do a little bit of a jam towards the end of the song and show a little bit of a different side of those influences but again, this is what I meant when I said there are some surprises around the corners of this track.

It's not very cookie cutter and I love that about it.

This was a fist-in-the-air heavy, sing-along banger and I would suggest it to anyone who loves meaningful and powerful alternative rock and melodic metal.

Check this out as soon as you can and turn it up.

You won't be disappointed.

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