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A Massive New Album from British Birds

A brand-new album release from British Birds brings out a combination of classic rock influenced and fuzz-tone garage pop-rock that comes through with a wondrous character and a lush array of instrumentation that beckons rock of the '60s and 70s but also brings a little bit of an edge to those aspects with crunchy guitars at times, unique pop approaches, and an addictive and almost live energy that hits hard when it wants to.

The In Search of Mr Rykyn album blends such a fun and honest set of songs with some depth and messages that come through in the form of stories and at times the lyrics could be so descriptive you can actually paint pictures in your head vividly which I absolutely adore.

By the time you get halfway through this record you kind of know what to expect but you also know to expect a little bit of the unexpected because this record does have some great experimental and psychedelic layers to it so you know that whatever you're about to hear is going to be invented in colorful.

The riffs across the record are outstanding and super memorable to the point where you have some of these bouncing around in your head for hours after the songs have ended.

That classic '60s and '70s aesthetic is completely nailed when they want to and just when you get that whole vibe surrounding you it suddenly bursts into a garage rock with distorted guitars and this is where that edginess comes in along with the drumming of course because the percussion on the record has a unique way of adding edginess to it and pushing the envelope ever so slightly so that this record has a warmth and a familiarity to it but is still surprising and bright with explosive bursts here and there that you don't really expect.

The songs can be mellow and classic when they want to or righteous and rocking when they want to but either way, you're getting something with such a vivacious energy and with so much persona that you just can't look away from them and I think that's what you get attached to the most.

You can hear how much fun this band is having and why they're called British Birds.

They're able to take all these different influences that they have and roll them up into one sound that after a while you realize becomes sort of like their staple sound and it's youthful, but it has this element of old soul to it.

I do have to say, certain songs stick out to me as singles and although so many of them stand on their own two feet unbelievably well, if you have the time, listening to this album from beginning to end is 100% the way to go here.

I don't think that this is necessarily a concept record, but I do feel like some of the songs interconnect in different ways and by listening to the full record you're able to also gain that whole spectrum of what this band actually has to offer.

This was one of the most fun, memorable, colorful, surprising, and well-written releases I've heard in quite some time and just the sheer fact that they can still land on that classic and vintage rock aesthetic but reinvented to sort of be their own is mind-boggling.

Everything down to the guitar tones were very well thought out and there's a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this record no doubt, but it never loses the heart or the character that it was built from in the first place.

This was an excellent garage pop rock release that blends in folk, classic rock, a little grunge, and so much more that it warrants not one but a few listens at least.

Check this album out as soon as you can and I'm going to give this a 9 out of 10 straight up.

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