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A Massive And Heavy Single From Fullmåne

A new release from Fullmane blends a heavy-handed doom rock with classic rock undertones and a fierce vocal approach that all come together to create a haunting atmosphere with gothic-edged soundscapes and a particular way of wrapping itself around you.

"They're Not Real" begins to swell and grow in intensity the longer you listen to it until you're completely engulfed by everything and in the end, get washed away.

There's something about this song that lets you know this whole thing came from someplace genuine and that there is an emotional drive that pushes this song.

This track feels alive and breathing for a lot of reasons.

Halfway through the track it explodes into a different time signature that comes through with a fire and that section is completely filled with textures that fill the air.

After this explosive and furious section, it sways back down to its original lofty doom rock riff and it's the original atmosphere as well.

To be soaked in and some layers can be peeled back throughout this one single track and what gets me is the amount of lush character along with these particular progression changes.

The song is brimming with this persona, and it's got a darkness to it, but it also has an honesty to it and that's what pulls you in.

The track has such a robust and almost theatrical or cinematic backbone to it because it's so right up in your face but also distanced at the same time.

The whole track has a certain level of reverb coming from it which gives you that feeling of distance, but it also gives you the feeling of something gigantic.

The vocals are also a little bit reverb but they're right up in your face at the same time because of how intense they are.

The way this track was arranged as one of its best attributes because it definitely surprises you and then at the same time, helps tell a sort of story as well.

This is kind of why I feel like it's theatrical in its own right.

The guitar tone and distortion are spot on and gives the song a spacious and massive tonality and the drumming is just perfect the entire time.

The percussion on this track is a key element in letting the song feel so alive and breathing the way it does.

The whole thing actually has a very particular energy to it which makes you feel like you're listening to a live performance because everything is so in the moment.

This is the kind of thing that you don't get a lot with any kind of genre except for jazz sometimes so when you do hear it especially in this big doom rock kind of style, it hits you a certain way.

Any kind of music that comes from someplace authentic and has this kind of emotional drive behind it is something that I'm a big fan of and this whole project exudes all of that.

If you're into gigantic and heavy, stretched-out guitar lines, deepening tones, driving drums, and this sort of theatrical undertone, then this is absolutely for you.

Check this out as soon as you can and do it with headphones on so you can soak it in.

Once you do check that out, then absolutely listen to some of the previous releases on Spotify because there are EPs, albums, and other singles that you can get into.

This was a killer release from a project I'll be paying attention to from now on.

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