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A lush and Vast Pop Single From Elly bee

A new single release from Elly Bee spans through a few different subgenres as it expands into a cinematic and slightly edgy pop atmosphere that blends old school and new school vibes and features synth pads that float in the songs ether, flowing vocal harmonies, and a lot of character.

"Sidetracked" has a very unique way of building as it brandishes these swells and sways that give the song the feeling of almost being alive and breathing and the whole cinematic tonality comes from that aspect as well.

One of the things I loved about this track was the use of these sort of 90s beats that gave it a certain color and vivacious attitude musically which the vocals blended perfectly with.

Something about the song tells you that this all came from someplace genuine and while it's all happening you feel like you're sort of floating along with the slightly dream-esque soundscape that this track delivers.

Like I said, it does have this sort of edgy underbelly to it, but it doesn't come through all the way so it's never over the top and this lets everything come at you with a nearly perfect dynamic balance, so you have these textures that melt into each other between the synths, the beats, the vocals, and everything else.

It does feel more like an experience than a song at times and it certainly would make sense to hear this in the scene of a film or TV show because it does have that ethereal tonality half the time.

This is clearly done by someone who has a real love for her craft and when I say that I mean the craft of songwriting of course because when you listen to this track you can tell that Elly was in her creative bubble not to be disturbed.

It feels like someone was in their zone when creating this track and that element really comes through in the song itself.

You can tell she was having a really good time doing this and that it came completely naturally to her.

There are two versions that you can listen to on this release. One of them is a radio edit that's a lot shorter than the full version trimming some of the beginning and some of the end of course, however it's supposed to like this.

I would suggest listening to the song with a pair of headphones on because this way you can soak in all the little details that come in and out throughout the song's flow.

This was packed with a certain energy and character that shined through and let the song feel subtle but bright.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for whatever else Elly Bee will be releasing in the near future because I have a feeling it's going to be fun, ultra-creative, and have a certain persona and vibrancy to it that will draw you in.

Take a swim through this track when you get a chance because it's well worth your time.

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