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A Lush Album Release from Josh Langston

A new album from Josh Langston has a very unique and lush songwriting approach that delivers everything from classic southern touched rock, to country, Americana, singer-songwriter, and heartland rock all rolled into one gigantic record that pushes out so much genuine heart and persona that it's impossible to look away from.

The Tastes Like Sin album comes through with some astounding guitar work that gives this record massive drive, but it also has so much background vocals, guitar work, and more just feeling the atmosphere and the ether of the songs so that it creates such an amazing energy that you get attached to the whole thing right from the get-go.

I can't express enough how much the guitar work plays how this record shines because there's no limits to the kind of guitar work that this album gives off from slide guitar, lead harmonies, and just anthemic choruses that let each song not only deliver its own sort of character, but it lets them all thrive in their own way.

The release has a boisterous and robust sound to it to the point where certain tracks just feel so alive with energy and the way everything was mixed and put together is intricately done so that the songs all have this sort of bursting electric tonality to them, and it really works.

It is indeed that character that really gets you and one of my favorite aspects about the whole thing is that there are more than a few surprises around the corners where you get way more roots country style tracks with lap steel and, the instrumentation and musicianship throughout the record is amazing.

You have rolling snare drums you have heavy rock tones; you have floating vocal harmonies in the backgrounds; you have this sort of rustic upfront vocal approach that he just bears his soul with what he wants to.

This is a big part of what makes this record so unique. He's got that vocal approach that lets you know it's him when you hear it and that's something that's kind of been missing from all kinds of genres of music for quite some time so hearing it again gives me this sort of vintage undertone and hints of nostalgia all the time when I listen to this record.

You can tell that his heart is in the country in Americana Rock style and I feel like this record is the kind of record that you listen to from beginning to end and don't skip anything because if you do not only will you be missing out on the full story, but you'll also be missing out on the full spectrum of what the record actually can deliver and that's just a shame. So don't do it.

Listen to this record as a whole because that's the way it was meant to be listened to and only then will you get the full range of character, persona, charisma, energy, and songwriting that the album gives off.

This is a release that has loads of heart and comes from a genuine place, but it feels so full-bodied that you know a lot went into creating this record.

You are certainly getting a lot of pieces of Josh Langston when you listen to the album and that's part of what makes it special.

Take a listen to this record because it is absolutely 100% no filler.

This album gets a straight up 9 out of 10 but, have a listen to it for yourself because it's well worth your time.

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