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A Killer Release from Pirates In Black

An album release from Pirates in Black delivers a classic metal soundscape with all the bells and muscles you could want from outstanding guitar riffs and driving storylines to pounding drums and this full arena rock feel that pulls you right in and hits hard.

The Money Slaves album has some killer guitar work from start to finish and there are more than a few surprises around the corners of this record while that absolute pure energy is flowing so vivaciously that you feel like some of these were recorded live on the floor.

It's almost like the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time which does indeed give that live performance vibe.

Either way, this release definitely makes you want to see them play a show because if the energy is this could on record, then a live performance must just be face-melting.

These guys really pull all the stops and draw from their many classic metal influences to create an atmosphere that takes you away to a different place for a moment in time giving the record this element of escapism which is something that I've missed in a lot of music for a long time and that counts for all genres honestly.

You get so much rush rock from that classic metal to alternative rock, to everything in between and these guys can pull it off without a hitch which I think just comes naturally to them.

What's more, is that it definitely feels like these guys have a true love for their craft and that is clearly evident in every note played in every second passed.

Most of the time you get these massive choruses that make you want to put your fists in the air and sing right alongside and other times you are just caught up in those guitars so much that they sort of take over.

I also love the sheer fact that this record has as many musical hooks as it does vocal hooks which is another thing that I've missed for a bit.

There's not enough music out there with musical hooks anymore.

This album definitely feels like a concept record to me and the story's interconnect with each other and serve almost as chapters like it's a book.

There are definitely some songs that stand out as singles, but I would highly suggest that you listen to this record from beginning to end because I feel like that's how it was meant to really be soaked in.

This is one of those albums I wish I had on vinyl to be honest with you.

It's got such a heavy-handed theme and such a strong and impactful power behind it that it feels like some of these songs have been played on rock radio stations for years now.

The aesthetic is really nailed here, and these guys are obviously seasoned musicians that are doing their thing how they want to do it and I absolutely love every second of that.

Definitely check this out especially if you're into classic metal, alternative rock, hard rock, or classic rock, they cover all the bases.

A great record from a band that pays attention to detail and puts their heart into what they do.

I give this a 9 out of 10 easily.

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