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A Garage Rock Classic From Suspect Down

A recent single release from Suspect Down gives off a garage Rock blend inspired by some classic undertones, and it all comes with musical and vocal hooks which is something that I've missed for quite some time, especially in rock music.

Some of the guitar sections in "Where's Your Commitment" really help the song gain that drive but also add colorful melodies to the track which all come through as it gives you this dynamic balance between that edginess and that color.

I think one of the things I really love about this track is that live energy sort of vibe that you get from it as if the track was recorded live on the floor.

it certainly feels like these guys are feeding off of each other's energy is the entire time and even if I'm wrong about the whole live-on-the-floor recording aspect, it definitely makes you want to go see these guys live.

This track comes with a lot of character and delivers that with a classic rock tonality where there are hitting guitars at times, but it still keeps to this classic staple feel which I really enjoyed because the combination of those two things lets the song hit a lot of rock sweet spots.

There is this fun and loose kind of feeling as well and that's what gives it that garage rock tonality also so in a way you get the best of certain kinds of worlds when it comes to the genre with this one track.

I also quite enjoyed that youthful energy in combination with a more mature songwriting style and you can clearly tell that there's a lot of heart going on and that the players of this band all have a real love for their craft as that is clearly evident with every note played.

This is a passion project, and these guys are having a lot of fun doing their thing and that aspect of it all is very infectious.

This single gives you a perfect example of that edgy and catchy balance because the hooks throughout the track are the things that kind of bounce around in your head even after the song is ended.

That one guitar hook in particular sticks with you for days on end if you don't listen to it again and the only way to satiate it is to actually listen to it again.

This in my opinion is just smart songwriting but I think it comes naturally for these guys and that's just how they write their music.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at a rehearsal for this band because I'm sure they invent riffs on the spot and probably right full songs on a whim at times.

It feels like these are the guys that write songs together and that's why they come out so full-bodied and fun.

This was a damn good time and if you get a chance, I would definitely suggest taking a deeper look into Suspect Down and their releases which can be found on their Spotify, because there's a lot of great stuff to listen to from other singles to an EP release last year.

If you dig this track, you're bound to like a lot of their other stuff so dive in and remember who told you about this first.

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