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A Fresh Single Release From LoCeRa

A fresh track from LoCeRa comes in swinging with an infectious character, lyrical phrasing approach, and character that all come together to create an atmosphere that you end up getting attached to from the get-go all done with a certain kind of swagger that brings together old and new school for a fresh but familiar feel.

"Talk On It" has a beat and backbone that feels almost like a horror flick at times with an edginess and darkness to it that add to the steadily delivered persona from the vocals which come at you with such a growing intensity and non-stop flow that you have to listen to the song more than once or even twice.

The track goes through a lot lyrically and there's some honesty in there, a lot of detail, and a unique approach that breaks down walls and is created with fewer boundaries than its predecessors.

There is a certain ulterior edginess and almost haunt to this single but that's part of what lets it get wrapped around you.

A lot of the rapping ends up changing in terms of rhythm and style, approach, and swagger but it all comes together to create something that has an impact and hits hard.

The track features 3T3N and there is plenty of character strewn across the body of this single and it makes it so lush and insanely fun.

There are so many cool and memorable hooks and sections throughout this track that again, you most certainly will want to listen to it more than once so that you can pick up on everything especially the first few verses because they're so much going on and so much sad that to cash it all you have to hit that repeat button.

One of the things I really loved about this track was the fact that there's a little bit of looseness and experimentation in terms of how things were delivered vocally so clean and crisp that you can tell there's a certain level of class to this track as a whole.

That dynamic balance is something and you don't often get to hear a single that takes those two elements to those extremes so that you have such a polished product, but it also boasts all that persona at the same time.

After listening to this single I took it upon myself to check out some of the previous releases dropped from LoCeRa and was absolutely blown away at the number of singles and eps released since 2018 alone.

Each of these releases carries with it a certain kind of character and honesty in the undertone so that you get this banger of a track but there's also an underbelly that is speaking messages.

I think this is part of the staple sounds and writing approaches for the artist in general and it works well.

The songs deliver a great intensity and a lot of them have hooks throughout them that stick with you for a long time after the song has ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again which in my opinion is just smart songwriting.

But I think it just comes to LoCeRa naturally and that's just how he writes music.

Either way, definitely check the stuff out starting with "Talk On It" so you can start to get a good feel for the artist and how he does his thing.

Then, go through that back catalog and maybe do what I did which was start from the earliest release in 2018 on Spotify, and work your way up because then you can kind of catch the evolution of the artist which is super fun to do.

I'm going to give not only the single but the artist as a whole a straight-up nine out of 10 because it's all the stuff is amazing.


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