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A Fresh Indie-Pop Banger From Klay

A fresh new release from Klay brings out a vast and vivacious indie pop soundscape that borders on cinematic backbone and features a lush array of instrumentation and soundscape that all has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

"PTSD" comes through with as much color as it does edge and what really gets you so quickly is the character portrayed in the song and how it's displayed.

This track has a mass amount of persona and it's the type of thing that you almost instantly become connected with.

This track has an amazing balance of sounds and textures that bounce off of each other and mend together without a hitch creating an atmosphere that, once you're a part of, you don't want to leave.

This is quite a fun experience, and the track does have an upswing pop face along with a youthful energy and a certain level of heart and authenticity that makes you feel like this is all taken from something real.

This of course comes back to that character I was speaking of earlier.

The single is incredibly danceable and the percussion across it is outstanding and especially in terms of giving the song this unique drive because it comes in combination with floating guitars and vocals that swim through the song's ether.

This is indeed quite a unique approach and I feel like it comes from someone who has a pure love for his craft because that's evident with every note played and every second passed.

There are some layers to be peeled back when listening to this song especially lyrically so I would suggest listening more than once and it's not a tough thing to do especially because it's a short banger clocking in at just over 2 minutes, but it feels much bigger.

There were aspects to this track especially production-wise, that were incredibly impressive because at times it feels like there's so much going on, but it all has this forward-moving flow and makes perfect sense from beginning to end.

This definitely speaks volumes for Klay as an artist and a songwriter because a lot about this delivery was solid and showed a sort of uber creativity that becomes quickly infectious.

It was also sort of graceful in its own right and I enjoyed that aspect of it as well.

This was a really well-woven and delivered single to the point where I'm definitely going to be keeping an out eye out for this artist to see what he drops next.

Take a deep dive into this track as soon as you get a chance.

I'm giving this a straight up 9 out of 10.

Absolutely killer single.

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