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A Fresh Chiptune / Indie-Pop single from J_Basco

A new single dropped from J_Basco combines Indie-pop and R&B with chiptune and brings something fresh to the table by doing so.

"The Hug" is a bright and very colorful track filled with digital 8 but synths and an array of pads and swirls that surround you as the song sways and swells through it's dream-esque moving parts and sections.

The vocals bare soul and become addictive as a whole as the natural tone of the singing and digital tone of the music mesh so well it's beautiful.

This is such a refreshing sound it makes you want to dig more into the artist and we did just that.

Upon getting into the artists catalog we found so much wonderful sounds and styles it was almost intimating. This is an experimental producer and songwriter that knows exactly how to get you hooked on an actual sound and keep you reeled in for the rest of the track.

Songs are lush with beats from all decades passed and even some cool future pop feeling sounds along with 70's and 80's vibes.

"The Hug" was a collaboration with vocalist Marina Martin and what a great collab it was.

The two compliment each other incredibly well.

We suggest engulfing yourself in J_Basco's material starting with "The Hug" and going backwards from there. You're bound to find a ton that you will fall in love with whether your an old school or a new school music lover.

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