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A fresh and honest single from Floco Torres

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

A new release from Floco Torres brings with it a combination of bright and vibrant, colorful pop and a hip-hop undertone that come together to create an atmosphere and a song that you get to escape into and not really want to leave once you're there.

The "Crater Lake" single is vivid and thick with imaginative production that lets it sway and swell, and wrap itself around you to keep you right where it wants to.

This track comes with a great persona and a wonderful character that you were able to connect with quite quickly as the track also does come with a certain honesty to it that makes you think and lets you sort of relate to it in a certain way.

One of the things I loved about this track was the production side of things because the music itself comes together in a very particular way so that the beats and the keys really end up creating a texture and energy that Flocco is able to feed off of and become that character on the track vocally.

There was certainly a lot of attention to detail when it came to the creation of this track however through all of it it never really loses that heart it was built from in the first place and I think that may be the most important aspect about it.

A lot about the song was warm to me and gave me this feeling of being welcome into this mindset that he gives off which is completely refreshing.

The thing about this track that hits me is that it's so genuine especially lyrically because he's being very honest about certain things as he talks about wanting to hide the pain for example.

These are the things that makes songs like this become so relatable because an artist like this is able to display that emotion to everyone through song where a lot of people can't even articulate it the way they would like to so because of that, no matter what you may be going through in life you immediately feel like you're not alone and even though for the artist, this might have been very cathartic, for the listener it has a very similar impact.

That's what makes this song so good and so real.

You get something authentic with this track plus it's really well done especially in terms of the lyrical phrasing and the brightness in the music itself.

I love this combination of honest lyrics that have a little bit of darkness in there but have a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel as well, and a music that comes through with such a pop color that it takes you a few seconds to understand that this track is about something that was important to the artist and the only way he knew how to get it off of his chest was through his music.

Quite a graceful track honestly and I would suggest listening to this one with headphones so you could really kind of soak it in.

Definitely keep on the lookout for Floco Torres because that's exactly what we'll be doing and hoping that whatever he releases next has the same level of honesty and realness that this track does.

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