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A fresh album from Paradise Phantoms Grooves Hard

A vivacious new release from Paradise Phantoms brings out an insanely danceable and addictive soundscape that's packed with color and character and it all has a unique way of coming together with a neon-lit backbone and a lush set of tones that boast grooves that you cannot help but move to.

The Ten album is comprised of a set of songs that all let the whole project shine and the production across the board is polished, clean, crisp, but endlessly fun at the same time.

By the time you get halfway through this record you begin to expect the unexpected aside from the fact that you know the next track is also going to be a vibrant and danceable single and this is because each song has a little bit of a life of its own but even having said that, I would highly suggest that you listen to this album as a whole.

Yes, there are certainly more than a handful of singles across this record but to get the full spectrum of where these guys are going and what they're doing, listening to the full album is a must.

The record is bursting with unique energy and blend of textures that come together to create an atmosphere that makes you want to hit the dance floor all night long.

One of the things I adore about this record is their ability to take certain vintage pop tones and sounds and work them into this refreshing feel and vibe because they're paying homage to some of the stuff that influenced them and in doing so, they are sort of giving back to what was given to them.

You have some classic sense, keys, beats, guitar work, and more and you get such a broad spectrum of funk, disco, new wave, pop, and a lot more all put together into this one record that will have you shaking your butt and your seat if you're driving, dancing around the living room if you're at home, or even singing along at certain points.

You can tell that this is like a love letter to those classic artists and bands that got them into creating this soiree of pop and once you realize that the whole record kind of has a warmth to it.

The aesthetic that this record boasts is completely nailed from beginning to end so you get the vibe of this being a major passion project.

I also really loved how a lot of these songs are written and delivered with a robust persona and character that kind of pulls you into everything just as much as the music itself does.

You can tell that there was a lot of attention to detail when it comes to arrangement and songwriting, the sounds of the synths, vocal melodies, choruses that bounce around in your brain for hours after the song has ended, and so much more but it never loses this particular kind of heart that it starts within the first place and that may be the most important aspect of it all.

This was a banger of a record that doesn't let up for even one track and although there is diversity, color, and inventive approaches, it does hit this certain feeling a lot of the time that feels almost nostalgic as I said before.

This to me, is a hard thing to achieve musically even as a listener so when I heard this record, I was sort of blown away by their ability to hone in on these sounds and these songs the way that they do and make them sound so authentic.

Once again I would suggest listening to the whole album as opposed to just a few songs and make sure you move some furniture around in the living room so that you can dance because you will be dancing.

If you're not dancing when you listen to this record something is certainly wrong with you and I suggest you seek some kind of help.

Either way, I'm giving this record a straight-up 9 out of 10 because It's put together amazingly.

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