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A Flowing New R&B Single From Hanna Johnson

A beautiful new single release from Hanna Johnson delivers a dreamy undertone with an honest approach that come together to create an atmosphere that lets you sort of swim through the music in the air around you and it feels great to do just that.

"Dreams" features classic hip-hop and R&B-oriented guitar work and a 90s sort of beat that blends in with her ever-growing vocals throughout the song as the whole thing tends to swell and sway with intensity as it plays through.

This track has this sort of edginess to it that makes it alluring and this causes imagery or even memories of your own to pop into your head throughout the song.

I love a song that makes you think and makes you feel, and this song does exactly that, but it does it with a certain charm and Hanna delivers this with such a natural flow that by the time the song is over you have to sort of snap out of it.

This is one of my favorite aspects about it because the song ends up being a little bit of an escape for a short chunk of time and songs that do that have a powerful grip.

A lot about this track is a combination of something that you would hear on the radio but also something that's created with fewer boundaries than that and so those two elements together also bring a fresh approach to the table.

All of this speaks volumes for Hanna as an artist and this track is delivered with a lot of character and personality which is the thing you sort of get attached to the most.

You can clearly tell she's got a natural set of pipes and probably has been singing since he was a young child, and that voice has a lot of soul and passion in the performance which is something that can kind of wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

I enjoyed the fact that the production was dynamically balanced exactly right, and it was never over the top or to settle at any given time so that you're always attracted to the song and paying close attention to the words while you get into that deep-rooted groove.

I also think that this was influenced by a combination of old and new-school R&B and soul-pop if you will because you can hear those elements throughout the music and the vocals as well.

It also has a way of sticking around in your head for hours or even days after the song has ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again which to me is smart songwriting.

Although I can say I think this just comes naturally to Hanna and is the way she writes songs in general.

A powerful song with a lot of soul and a deep performance, this track hit all the sweet spots and I'm going to give it an 8 out of 10 hands down.

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