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A Fantastic and Detailed EP from Lia Rye Is Here

A new EP release from Lia Rye is a flurry of cinematic soundscapes that each takes you for a musical journey through emotionally driven and fantastic places that come in the form of an alternative pop feel with everything from synths to pianos, strings, and guitars to go along with swelling pads and melodic smooth vocals that are used as backing instruments.

The Fever Dream EP is packed with a gorgeous array of instrumentation and a great edgy undertone that incorporates tons of musical hooks and lyrics that painting vivid pictures and tell detailed stories that pull you in.

This EP is brimming with a theatrical feel lurking just beneath the surface and each song seems to almost connect to the next like a concept album would as the songs build and breathe.

The hooks are robust and are performed with heart and passion which makes everything feel so real.

Lia is a storyteller, but the songs also feel like there are personal aspects as well and she incorporates herself into the stories each time.

The songs all have this sort of rock undertone at times and when it happens, they become driving and build in intensity as they play on.

This is the type of record that really has layers to it and there is much more than you see on the surface.

The record is like a great book. It takes you away into these other places and you don't really want to leave. you want to stay in these stories.

A lush and colorful but still somewhat dark EP, Fever Dream is a beautifully woven piece that should be soaked in fully.

There are singles yes. But the whole EP is best as a straight through listen.

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