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A Driving New Single from Costavina

A new single released from Costavina blends together classic grunge and pop rock along with plenty of other edginess and loads of drive to give off an inventive and colorful single that hits hard but brings on that catchiness.

"Save Me" it's such a righteous energy that it feels like the track is recorded live on the floor simply because it's almost as if the players involved were feeding off of each other the entire time which gives the song this massive breathing feel.

Of course, I could be wrong about the whole live-on-the-floor aspect, but even if I am, this tribe definitely makes you want to see these guys live because if the energy is recorded and captured so well here then seeing them live must just be killer.

This track does give me a little bit of nostalgia here and there and I think that does have to do with the fact that they have that late 90s underground alternative rock soundscape, and that aesthetic is nailed whether they're doing it on purpose or not.

The single has some swagger to it and loads of character which is something that you tend to get attached to pretty quickly.

There are a few cool surprises around some of the corners of this release as well because you get some great little guitar sections here and there that pop in when you least expect them, and they do create this atmosphere and in doing so you can hear the hard-hitting presence that they give off.

This track hits like whiplash and is over and under 2 minutes and 30 seconds which is something that adds to that youthful almost punk rock approach even though the song is not punk rock at all.

When I say that, I mean just the fact that this track grows quickly hits like a sucker punch to the gut, and then ends. This of course is in classic punk rock fashion as well.

But it's that grungy, feedback-style guitar tone that grabs at you and helps give the song that push that it needs, and I think that's a real staple feel for this band.

This was a high-octane garage rock and grunge banger that came through with as much color as edginess and that is a catchy and unique approach to turning out rock songs.

The song is endlessly fun, and the energy doesn't let up the entire time.

Again, I would love to see these guys live because they probably just let loose.

After listening to this track, I decided to check out some other previous releases on Spotify and I was pleased to hear a few other singles there that were amazing and show different sides of the band's songwriting and approach to their rock soundscape.

If you like this track you're bound to like the rest of them so I would suggest cranking this one nice and loud because then you get the full effect, and then checking out the rest of the singles as well because you certainly won't be disappointed.

I'm giving this track an 8 out of 10 because it's got a creative songwriting approach, and it feels like a live performance right in your face.

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