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A Driving and Catchy Rock Single from Madame Whiskey

A vibrant and colorful pop and indie rock single released from Madame Whiskey delivers a great blend of character, energy, and edginess that comes through in a catchy tonality with sections of outstanding and heavier sections blending in an alternative rock feel at times.

"Forward Fashion" is unbelievably danceable because it's got this kind of four-on-the-floor beat during the verses but then once it hits that chorus it explodes into an almost anthemic feel and throughout it all you get this sense of persona from the lyrics and the vocal delivery because it's got this almost animated approach to it and this gives the song the feeling of being alive and breathing in a way.

I love how massive the chorus gets and a lot of it has to do with how the vocals are just belted out and doubled but also that guitar riff is just so memorable that it sticks in your head just as much as the singing does.

They have a great little edginess in their undertone, and it doesn't come through as gritty or fuzztone really, but it just hits hard, and they have this sort of bouncing rhythm.

Some of the song has a bit of a political stance and this is something that beckons in almost punk rock approach at times, but it's got its own vibe completely and the energy strewn across the song is almost like a live performance where the players are just feeding off of each other the whole time.

The first time that chorus hits you don't expect it because it breaks down from that four-on-the-floor beat to a half time and it makes it just huge and that's something that gives the song an impactful climax.

You can tell these guys are having a really good time laying this track down to the point where it makes you want to see them live just because if everything is captured this way on record then the energy of a live performance must just be unreal.

This is the track that you can dance to, sing along with, or even head bang to at times which is awesome because it combines alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock, garage, and little, tiny hints of punk in there so you get the feeling that the different influences from everyone in the band certainly play the part in the creation of this track.

This was an impactful single and upon listening to it I took it upon myself to dig a little bit into the back catalog of Madame Whiskey, and I'm glad that I did because they've been releasing singles eps and albums since 2018 so for me it was really fun to check out the evolution of the band which I love to do when I find someone I enjoy.

All these releases show a little bit of different influences inside of the band's songwriting and personality and that's a big part of what these guys give off. They give off character and personality with a lot of the music that they put out there.

I would definitely suggest turning this one up and then checking out some of their previous releases from there.

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