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A Classic Single From NaderGator

A fresh single from NaderGator hits a cinematic synthwave tonality that blends classic and vintage with a new school and fresh vibe, all wrapped up into one colorful but still edgy soundscape and delivered with a very particular energy that has a way of getting you attached to the track almost right from the get-go.

"Brain Waves" features a nearly perfect set of synths and keys that all blend texture-wise to create an atmosphere that you don't want to leave once you're in.

I enjoy the driving factor of this track because it's not really aggressive by any means, but it has that constant drive where it's building layer by layer the further in you go.

I have an affection for classic synthwave tracks and this one definitely touches on that aesthetic plenty, but it also incorporates other instrumentation like organs for example that come in a little bit later in the track, to build on the ether of the song itself so that you kind of have all this beautiful sonic melody surrounding you at all times.

There is a certain Talent behind being able to layer and build a song or piece of music like this because you need to not only have a love for the genre, but you have to have a love for the craft of digital music making and producing in general.

NaderGator knows his synth sounds and is able to utilize the right ones to create vastness and ambience where it's needed or where he wants it to be.

Something like this I would imagine starts off with a vision but ends up someplace different because of how fun it must be to build on the track itself.

There's a lot of attention to detail during the creation process here but it never loses that character or persona that it started with in the first place so you still feel like you're listening to a track that could be the end credits of a sci-fi movie in the early 90s by the end of the song.

These are the kinds of things that make a work like this shine because as it goes your imagination runs wild and this is because the music itself has a way of painting pictures in your head or even causing memories to pop into your head at random.

This is how you know the song is working and doing its job.

It takes you out of where you are and puts you in a different place altogether and I think that certain kinds of music are meant to do exactly that, but I also think not too much of it accomplishes that so to have it here was amazing.

Certain aspects of this also feel nostalgic in terms of just the textures of the sounds used in the song itself.

This is sort of hard to explain I suppose but some of the stuff sounds like it's analog beat machines or classic physical synthesizers as opposed to ones that are just in the computer and downloaded from a site.

This also makes the song so thick and rich with vibrancy and color that you end up wanting to listen to the track again as soon as it's over.

This song puts out a vibe and it feels familiar and welcoming but it's also one that gets your blood pumping and comes through incredibly danceable and never without that persona.

Check this out when you can and if you dig it which I'm sure you will, I will strongly suggest taking a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of NaderGator because there's more than enough to fill your musical needs right there as well.

This track gets an 8 out of 10 hands down and is an outstanding and well-arranged and orchestrated single.

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