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A Classic Hip Hop Single From Wazteland Warriorz

A very festive new single release from Wazteland Warriorz delivers a bit of a raunchy and classic hip-hop approach especially lyrically but it musically also hits on a bit of an old-school sweet spot with a collaboration of different rappers coming on board to get a little dirty.

"Miss Candy Cane" comes with a little bit of a humorous backbone as the track does get animated, full of character, and gritty as hell.

Each of these personalities on the track all have their own feel and they go together like bread and butter because they complement each other so incredibly well that the entire energy of the track itself makes you want to see this performed live in your face.

All of these guys have a little bit of a different lyrical phrasing and a little bit of a twisted flow and all with the same sense of humor, so it works like a charm.

This is a very sexually driven and vivid track as the wrapping gets very descriptive as to what they're all doing to Miss Candy Cane.

From as far as I can tell, it sounds like Miss Candy Cane enjoyed it all.

There's something about this track that gives me a little bit of a nostalgic feeling as well because in a way it makes me think of Wu-Tang or Gravediggaz.

It's this sort of classic aesthetic and it does hit that tone really well but it's new school and it's fresh so it's really amazing how they're able to pull off the sound which they're definitely aiming for but still have their own twist on it.

This is from a group of people who love doing what they do, they have a lot of fun doing it, and you could tell this track was just a blast to lay down.

No matter what a track like this is about, the sheer fact that you have a group of people that come together to lay out this awesome energy and humorous tonality together to make something that hasn't been made before but that all your friends will love is perfection.

Upon listening to their Christmas-spirited single, I had no choice but to take a little bit of a deep dive into their back catalog on Spotify and I am incredibly happy I did because they have such a massive amount of music to be heard and it all has this level of character to it all the way back to 2012.

This is the kind of group that you become attached to.

It's the kind of group that you either love or hate but either way you know them.

For me, growing up with certain kinds of hip hop I was into their style and their approach, but when I listened to some of their other releases, I was blown away at how much fun everything really was.

Wazteland Warriorz have been paving their own path in the hip-hop arena for years now and they're doing it by creating music with fewer boundaries than their predecessors.

These guys are killer and if you're into real deal old school gritty hip hop with character and no muzzle lyrically, then this is exactly for you.

This gets an 8 out of 10 easy and I would highly suggest that if you listen to this single and you like it, you take a swim through some of their previous releases because you're in for a few great surprises.

Keep an eye out for these guys.

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