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A Classic Hard Rock Single From Whiskey Acolyte

A new single release from Whiskey Acolyte hits all the harder and classic rock sweet spots with outstanding guitar work both Rhythm and lead-wise, a driving foundation, and an energy that's completely unstoppable from beginning to end.

"Let It Rain" has the feel of a classic rock banger but the edginess of an alternative rock single along with punk undertones, especially in the lyrics and some inventive production adds to the depth of the song.

One of my favorite aspects about this track is how many actual guitar hooks there are throughout this track because that's something that I've missed in rock music for quite some time.

There are always great vocal hooks, and this song certainly has a strong and heavy chorus that sticks in your head for hours or even days after the song has ended, however, having musical hooks was always a key element in great classic rock music and I haven't heard it in quite some time until now.

This track has this amazing energy that lets it feel almost like it was performed live on the floor when it was recorded because the players on the track seem like they're feeding off of each other's energy is the entire time and this is something that gives the song that extra push.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about that. They may have not recorded this live on the floor but either way, listening to this track certainly makes you want to see the band live simply because the energy on the recording is so powerful that seeing them live must just be outstanding.

I love a good rock song with heavy drive great guitar tone and still dishes out a great catchy chorus but also isn't afraid to have edginess and a little bit of experimental tonality in there.

This track delivers all of that and does so with a great character as well so that the song ends up relatable and still packs that punch.

This is a fists-in-the-air sort of track that makes you think of real-deal arena rock bands because you just want to sing along with that chorus by the end of the song.

The thing that got me, however, is the guitar solos because this track didn't hold back when it came to that aspect, and this is something that I hold very highly in terms of great rock singles.

When I was growing up, great rock songs on the radio all had killer guitar solos and it was a staple part of a strong track.

Sure some tracks are released with guitar solos here and there but this one has that soulful, ripping, blues style guitar solo action and this is something that helps the whole song push the envelope because that energy has to explode into something and that's exactly where it goes.

And this is a huge part of where that energy actually comes from. The guitar work has to show passion. You have to be able to feel those guitar licks in your bones when you hear them and this track provides so much of that that it just feels great to listen to nice and loud.

This was a classic rock and roll banger with all the boxes checked, character, passion, soul, and endless energy.

Dive into this one as soon as you can and remember, volume up.

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