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A Classic Feeling Alt-Rock Single Release from Silver Dollar Room

A new single release from Silver Dollar Room hits a heavy-handed alternative rock soundscape that blends a freshness with something you would hear from an underground 90s alt approach, but it's all done with a massive energy that delivers loads of catchiness and never loses its edge.

"Little Things" has a crazy ref and everything about it has a certain kind of wildness about it which I enjoy because it adds to that drive and energy that the track already has so much of and at times it makes me think of bands like Jane's Addiction for example and this gives me little hints of nostalgia here and there which I adore.

The guitar work is unreal and even has a soulful and shredding guitar solo in exactly the right spot before it bursts back into that heavy chorus with doubled vocals and pounding tones.

There's such a liveliness vocally on this track that feels like they're animated and are coming with such a surge of energy that you can't turn away from it and it all makes you want to see them perform it live to be honest.

This song wastes no time whatsoever and gets right to the point so that you get hooked very quickly, and if you're a fan of classical alternative rock from the 90s or the early 2000s, and this is 100% for you because it's got all those bells and whistles, it hits all those sweet spots from that time of heavy rock music in terms of the tones, the guitar work, the drumming, and the vocals.

I love a song that's heavy like this one is but it's not metal. It's alternative rock but it's also super catchy and has hooks that stick with you for a long time because that's the kind of stuff I grew up with.

It's got a pop element to it that shows face constantly, but it does so by mixing color and edginess together and bringing something out that feels alive and powerful.

There's a certain fierceness behind it but it still has all those elements of a track that make you remember it in terms of a hook or a chorus, a catchiness, those things that stick with you.

This was incredibly fun and in a certain way, completely relentless as it just goes full force and moves straight forward but does so with a liveliness in a certain kind of passion and heart that lets the band show their presence.

Songs that have those little bits of aggressiveness and edginess but also are well-rounded and fun are the ones that are the most addictive.

This was a blistering single from a band that's getting their start with a track that really packs the right kind of punch.

Don't be afraid to turn this one up.

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