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A Cinematic And Lush Single From Mr Euge

The latest single from Mr Euge gives off a lush and full-bodied songwriting approach that can hit a sort of lounge undertone bringing in jazz and contemporary pop along with a cinematic backbone that gives the song a certain character.

"Mystery on the Banks of the Thames" certainly brings together beautiful textures with such in-depth layers of instrumentation from strings to Horns, live drums, and so much more.

One of my favorite aspects about this track is the fact that the horns deliver so many melodic hooks and the whole thing definitely plays out like the score to a scene of a film, and you pick up on that very quickly.

This track has swells and sways that give it the feeling of being alive and breathing and the energy that's captured on it feels like it's the whole thing was not only orchestrated but was alive on the floor sort of performance because it feels like everyone is feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

This aspect grabs at me because that sort of thing is addictive and gives the song a lot of allure.

The deeper in you go the more instrumentation shows face and these give those added layers of not only production but help it with a forward moving and building sort of arrangement.

What's cool is that although there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this song, it still has this personality and this character to it that you just can't turn away from.

In a way you know there's a story being told and there's a scene being given and when you listen to it you can picture certain things in your head but like a good book, the music lets your imagination run a little bit wild.

Music that lets you think, paint pictures in your head, imagine, and feel, can be somewhat of a rarity these days so when you get it it's very refreshing and with this track, it comes through with a certain kind of charm as well as all that.

This was put together by a composer and not someone who just writes songs in the form of your standard cookie-cutter sort of rock or pop formats.

There's a bit more depth here and there are more layers to be peeled back, especially in terms of not just the instrumentation, but again that composition and that arrangement.

These are the kinds of things that make this piece of music feel alive and for the track to portray what it needs all those elements need to be in place so there's a lot of work when it comes to releasing a track like this.

Everything here was wonderfully woven, performed with gusto and energy, and there was a nearly perfect dynamic balance between the instruments, rhythms, and arrangement.

A lot about this was sort of graceful in its own right and I enjoyed the way the track made me feel when I listened to it.

Mr Euge has quite a set of singles released and each one shows a little bit of a different side to the vibe and the songwriting approach given.

I had a great time going through the back catalog after hearing the single and I think you will too especially if you dig it.

I'm going to give this a 9 out of 10, especially in terms of arrangement and composition.

This was a wonderful track by an artist and composer who puts a lot into what he's doing.

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