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A Catchy pop-punk single from Atticast

A new release from Atticast comes through with a bright and edgy pop-punk undertone and enough character for you to attach yourself to right from the get-go.

"Sub-Zero" comes through with a youthful and vibrant tonality that brings with it a catchy chorus that sticks with you for hours or even days after the song is ended and to me, that's just smart songwriting because the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again.

Having said that, I think that Atticast just writes music like this naturally.

This is a catchy pop-punk track with a little extra edginess and some surprises around the corners along with some layers that you can peel back.

This song is fun and danceable, and by the end, you'll be singing right along with it with your fists in the air.

This to me gives the sense of a damn good single and the energy on the record is captured so well that it makes you want to see the band live because if the energy on the record is captured that well then seeing them live must be awesome.

The truck both such a great balance dynamically and the guitar tones are spot on and give off this sort of classic progression and just little hints of greediness under the surface that still back in that classic vintage punk rock sound.

You can tell there are some different influences involved with this track and probably the band themselves, but I think they do an amazing job of combining those influences to create something familiar but also refreshing and catchy at the same time.

The track is exuberant but with a robust Persona to it and upon listening to it I took it upon myself to check out some previous releases the band has dropped in the past year, and I'm glad I did because these tracks are super fun and still stick to that almost live performance energy along with never letting go of that classic punk rock tonality.

I do enjoy finding a good punk band or any band really, and following some of their evolution to see what it sounds like.

I can tell you this, the new single is definitely a step above some of the previous stuff, especially production-wise and even songwriting-wise I must say.

The other songs are really good as well and they hit those certain sweet spots that punk should but "Sub-Zero" is the track that you'll be singing all the way home.

It's a banger but it's got that pop element in there and feels really good to listen to nice and loud.

Check these guys out starting with this track and then work your way back through the other couple release last year and you'll see what I mean because they're all good but they all have a little bit of a different vibe to them.

The thing that sticks is their being catchy and true to their punk rock roots.

A great single from a great band and if you're a fan of excitable and energetic pop and punk music then check this out because these guys are for you.

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