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A Brutal and Dark Edged Album from Prophets Tomb

An album release from Prophets Tomb delivers a blistering thrash, melodic, and even death metal approach that all comes together with an intense and fierce sonic presence along with a doomish edge and this dark character that lets you just get engulfed in the record.

The Magni Mori album features a hardcore guitar tone along with sharp and ultra-tight drumming and a grueling vocal style and these are the things that make up a great death metal soundscape.

This album does an amazing job of pulling you away from your surroundings and letting you sort of escape into this nightmarish realm for a certain chunk of time and that to me was awesome because we live in a society that's so single-based that I really missed full albums like this one that delivers surprises around the corners and is meant to be heard as an actual album.

And this is something I need to touch on because when I was growing up you would hear a song on the radio or you'd read about a track and a magazine and you would go and try and download it off Napster or LimeWire but if that didn't work, you would go and buy the whole album from the store and when you listen to it you got an experience rather than just an album and this is exactly what these guys deliver with this record.

On that note it gives me a little bit of nostalgic feel because I loved being able to listen to this in its entirety.

If you listen to only one or two tracks off this release, then you're not getting the full spectrum of what it actually has to offer.

The riffs are intense and at times can surprise you with elements of grindcore or hardcore and I love this blend of metal subgenres that they give off as well because you get the best of all these different kinds of metal approaches.

Only elements on this record are very well done in the musicianship is excellent however I have to say that the guitar work is just outstanding because some of the riffs are built with guitar harmonies that create dark melodies and this gives the songs a different feel or drive a lot of the time.

This is part of what makes the tracks feel haunting or like I said earlier, nightmarish which is what the whole aesthetic of this record is and it does an amazing job of doing so.

I love the energy on the record as well because you can tell everyone's just putting their all into it and some tracks feel almost like they're live on the floor because they're just feeding off of each other the whole time.

Throughout it all this theme and this vibe is constant and the record has a sort of concept album feel to it like the songs interconnect with each other and the only way to catch the entire story is by listening to the album from beginning to end.

Definitely check this record out when you can especially if you love great, hard-hitting, death metal, thrash metal, and hardcore because these guys pull all of that off on one record and they do so while they tell a dark-edged and almost gothic story and it all feels like something that you'd read in a good book.

Again, it is an escape and if you listen to the whole album then when it's over, you'll have to reacclimate yourself back to reality again and this is my favorite thing about it.

Dive into this album when you can and turn it nice and loud because that's the way you should listen to it.

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