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A beautifully Woven Song from Alaskan Rhino

A single release from Alaskan Rhino brings out a beautiful blend of textures and soundscapes that come together to create something unique and engulfing while delivering a robust character and an arrangement that has a particular way of growing while keeping it fast atmospheric undertone.

"I've Been Dreaming a Little Bit" certainly utilizes several subgenres and crosses them into each other bending the soundscape at free will as the song plays on, and this is something that comes through is very unique but also in terms of electronic music in general, if this is what the future of all of it will be.

The song takes different turns and goes through different progressions as it goes from its energy and sort of aura has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

The track has a little bit of a fantastical undertone to it and a spacious overtone that brings together hip-hop beats with pop production, a wonderful EDM synth soundscape, and these vocals that pop in and out adding extra layers to everything.

They're also really open and vast synth pads that float around and add that big atmosphere to the track as I said earlier.

This single feels cinematic at heart but also boasts a personality and a character that you end up latching on to after a short time and all of this has a way of taking you on a little bit of a musical Journey which I found wonderful because it let me escape my own reality for a little while.

I adore music that lets you escape from your surroundings no matter what they may be because I feel like certain music is meant to do just that.

Alaskan Rhino provides loads of escapism in the music released and I think that we need more music like this in the world just in general.

Now, there is a ton of stuff released on Spotify from the project and everything has a little bit of a different feel but sticks to a certain kind of staple tonality at times, so you get different feels of the songwriting and the styles between the albums and the singles that have been released since 2021.

Doing things this way is awesome, but I like going through the Alaskan Rhino YouTube page because then you get individual tracks with visualizers and this sort of lets you focus just on the music itself a little bit more than Spotify does because you have something you can watch as the song plays out and this helps free your imagination so that the song can kind of help it take different turns here and there.

These songs have such a unique palette and allow you to paint vivid pictures in your mind but it's sort of like reading a book where you get some detail, but your imagination can fill the certain gaps letting you picture those things, and this project lets you do all of that with almost every song released.

This was a beautifully woven single that I'll let you float along with his tendencies, and it felt good to do exactly that which is why I went down a little bit of a rabbit hole checking out previous releases.

I am really glad that I did that because I was able to follow some of the evolution of the project and how the songs change over time.

This is a beautiful project and anyone that loves music that makes you think or feel should be really into this.

There's a naturally ethereal tone to a lot of the stuff and it's amazing how that can come through electronic music so powerfully.

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