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A beautifully Performed Album from Tales From The Box

A beautiful and collaborative release from Tales From The Box, (Thanos Stavridis, and Stella Tempreli) comes through with such a lush and colorful set of instrumentation and with this boundless character and heart that lets these songs sort of feed into your soul, and it all comes with gorgeous jazzy undertones and a cinematic backbone.

The Ciel album has some beautiful surprises around its corners and the performance across the board feels almost like it was recorded live on the floor because the energy seems as if the players are just feeding off of each other the entire time and this to me is a beautiful thing and less the songs feel alive and breathing in their own way.

The record is riddled with warm and catchy Melodies and hooks that end up bouncing around in your brain for days after the songs have ended and at times, the only way to satiate that is to listen to them again.

If you put this album on and go take a walk outside you feel like you're in your own film and this is something that's overtaking and engulfing in the best ways possible.

Some sections hit a little harder but there's also a lot of softness and forward-moving flow that come with the tracks and that is do a lot to the progressions and arrangement of these songs which is done extremely well and with a lot of attention to detail but never loses any heart at any point in time.

Instrumentally this is just textually invasive, and you end up getting wrapped up in this atmosphere all the time, so the record becomes such an escape that it pulls you away from your surroundings and puts you in a different place altogether.

This is something you rarely get so when it comes along it's so refreshing and almost rejuvenating in a way which this record was from beginning to end.

You have a certain array of instruments during this record but the main two are an accordion and a violincello.

Yes, a violincello but they were something that historically evolved into what we know as a cello today so this gives the record a unique and stunning set of string performances, but you have other instrumentation and also brings the record to life along with the way that it all just comes together with a certain kind of charm that draws you in.

This is the type of record where you don't just listen to a few songs. You listen to the record from beginning to end as a whole album because that's the way it was meant to be soaked in.

You've got some great keys and upright bass and all this lush and persona-riddled sound that just feels good to listen to.

There are endless melodies for you to attach yourself to throughout this release and you will find yourself getting quite attached to a lot of these so again, listen to this full album because it's more of an experience than just an album if you do it that way.

Take a swim through this record when you get a chance because it certainly won't let you down anytime soon.

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