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A Beautifully Intense Single from Cle Morgan

A new single release from Cle Morgan bears a lot of soul and insight into her inner thoughts as this emotionally driven track is riddled with honesty and character which is one of the things you end up really getting attached to and it's all done with such a vivacious and passionate vocal delivery that you can't look away.

"Home" is a lush and attractive song that has a bit of a cinematic backbone and this amazing ability to grow in intensity as it plays on not only in terms of the vocal performance but also the instrumentation and the song itself.

This was indeed a pretty intense track and as it plays on you have these strings and guitars that build and build, and you can feel the emotion rise during this process which is quite a beautiful attribute for a song to have no matter what the genre.

The arrangement and composition of the track is incredibly well done and just the way the whole thing showcases a vast and open undertone combined with these jazzy guitars that also bear soul in their performances is moving.

Normally I would say this is kind of a soul-pop ballad of sorts but there are so many other attributes to it that bring in different genres and different parts along with sounds and textures that make the song kind of expansive and almost dreamlike at times.

The thing about this track is that you connect with it almost immediately. You understand and relate to the things that she's saying because it's about a struggle and about wanting to go to a safe place and in this song, she just calls it home which a lot of us do.

I adore the way it's all articulated because what I think about is the fact that a lot of us have thoughts, feelings, and emotions and we struggle with a way to get them out into the open so that they can be off of our immediate self but a lot of us don't know exactly how to articulate that into words let alone words and music so, when you hear a track like this it's incredible because of how she puts everything together and words it all so that it makes perfect sense to the listener.

Everything about this song came through with a gracefulness to it but it also had a beauty to it and its honesty, and it was all done with the sort of heavy-heartedness that just needed to come out into the open so the world could hear it.

Songs like this are the ones that stick for me.

I feel like we need a lot more that are derived of such fiery emotion and passion that without it being created we couldn't be ourselves.

These are the types of songs that are actual art because they make us think and they make us feel and, in my opinion, we just need more of that in the world right now.

There's such a beautiful authenticity to this song and you know it came from someplace real so it's completely genuine but the thing with a track like this that is indeed so genuine and did indeed come from someplace real is that the performance has to match that intensity and it certainly does here by all aspects.

The instrumentation is beautifully built, and everything is so dynamically balanced with such a steady growth until you get to the end of the track and it's just all right in your face.

This was an intense and robust track that showed soul, character, and heart.

I would definitely listen to this one with headphones on and see how it affects you.

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