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A beautifully Honest Single from Mikayla Menzies

A single release from Mikayla Menzies delivers a beautifully honest approach as she lets out her inner thoughts and even fears out for the world to hear and in doing so you end up connecting with not only the song but with the artist herself and that is something that's not only unique, but it doesn't come along often so when you hear it you know it.

"Fade Away" is certainly coming from someplace real within her and to an extent it makes me feel like this must have been incredibly cathartic for her to write and release but for the listener, it's incredibly relatable because we've all been through certain things, we all have certain kinds of fears, and when we get attached to someone or love someone we never want to lose them and that's what this song is about for me.

The beauty of music like this is that a person can take it differently given their own situations in their own lives and when it's done right like this song is, you're able to put yourself into it and memories of your own pop into your head, thoughts come in and out, and to have a song trigger those kinds of things is beautiful.

The performance of this track is gorgeous and the way that she sings is so lush and beautiful because she squeezes these extra notes into certain lines and it leaves you a little bit in awe at times.

But the song is so emotionally driven that you can actually feel that when you listen to it and her performance just adds to that persona, that character, and that drive.

This is a sort of contemporary pop ballad in a way, but it does have this little hint of edginess in its underbelly while the overtone is soft, genuine, and a little subtle.

The performance vocally is the most powerful aspect about this track and Mikayla really has a way of wrapping herself around you and keeping you right where she wants to.

You end up being in the song.

This is pretty powerful if you ask me, and the track has a wonderfully cinematic backbone and a way of sort of coming in waves so the whole track feels almost alive and breathing in its own way.

This song certainly speaks volumes for the artist in terms of her presence in her performances because she's so in it and it's so authentic that it creates an atmosphere that you fall right into.

The song is almost like an escape because when you listen to it, you're pulled away from the things around you and you put into this song instead of where you actually are.

When it's over you have to sort of snap out of it and reacclimate yourself back to reality again.

All this to me is wondrous and I think that music that was made for delivering a message or getting something off of someone's chest like this can make you think or can make you feel.

This is the kind of music we need more of in the world because it's real and comes from experience and life.

A beautifully arranged and built single, "Fade Away" is a song that speaks a lot for Mikayla as a person.

This track definitely had a heavy effect on me, so I suggest you listen to it and see how it affects you.

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