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A beautifully Honest Release From Dozy Jane

A new single release from Dozy Jane brings out an honest and lush pop soundscape that's riddled with character and gives off these edging almost haunting undertones from the vocals to the production itself and the whole thing creates an atmosphere that has a way of engulfing you.

"In A Different Life" is a song that shares an important message if you listen carefully and something a lot of us think about but don't always have the way to articulate it into words.

This is the kind of thing that lets us know that we're not alone in thinking certain things are struggling with certain things and music like this is created for us to know that we actually do understand each other on a different level.

The track itself is beautiful and has a way of creating this sway and swell between a dream pop approach and a harder edgier undertone and that blend of sounds is wonderfully woven together.

The whole arrangement and approach to this track has a bit of an outside-the-box feel to it with a cinematic backbone and a huge vastness that lays just beneath the surface.

The way that the textures melt together is really impressive and throughout the whole production the beats and the sounds from pianos to sense, and everything in between all complement each other in the strangest but most pleasant ways.

One of the things I love most about this track is the way the vocals sound on top and mixed into the song itself because she uses her voice as an instrument at times and those are the points that you get that hunting feeling because they're almost angelically floating through the song's ether.

Everything about this is graceful and you can tell that the song has meaning to the artist and perhaps it was even cathartic for her to release and record this track.

The piano work is gorgeous and really adds depth and serves as the platform for this release musically but it grows so outward from there that it becomes this alternative pop powerhouse of a track that never goes over the top but gives you the surprises from time to time.

Again, this is very cinematic to me so I can easily see the track in a scene of a film for example but the thing that gets me is the character that's portrayed in the song itself and how it's delivered.

This is where the beauty comes in because she gives it all this alive and breathing aspect that the song washes over you in a way.

Upon listening to the single I had no other choice but to take a little bit of a deep dive into her previous releases was pleasantly surprised at the singles she had released before this one because each one gives you a little bit of a different side to her personality and her artistry, but it always has a little bit of that stable feel underneath it all.

Dozy Jane is the type of artist to keep an eye out for because the things that she releases have meaning and come from authentic places which lets you get attached.

I'm giving this a 9 out of 10 without question.

This was a beautiful song and was performed with a youthful approach but with a theme and thought process behind it and maturity in songwriting.

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