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A Beautiful Single from Sans Patrie

A wondrous new single from Sans Patrie brings out an orchestrated and lush soundscape along with a beautiful character and this dream-esque feel that makes it seem as if the music itself is swimming around to the air that surrounds you and this lets you get engulfed with everything and eventually washed away with it as well.

"Lullabye" has an outstanding honesty to it and the way that the lyrics are delivered and written are so descriptive at times that you're able to paint vivid pictures in your own head almost like when you read a book and you get certain details, but your mind fills those gaps.

This song indeed was a bit of an escape and you do forget about whatever's happening around you or in your life for a moment in time and you let this song sort of take over because after a short time it starts triggering memories of your own to pop into your head at random and by the end of the song you feel like it was written just for you even though you know it wasn't.

This is quite a beautiful connection and there is this huge cinematic backbone to this track that comes through, especially with the production because there are orchestrated string sections all over this track that add that extra layer of atmosphere to it, and once you're in that atmosphere, you never really want to leave honestly.

This was flowing, it had character and grace, and the whole thing did an amazing job of showcasing the band's ability to deliver a song that has an impact and makes you think or feel.

The sentiment of the song is something that we can all understand and relate to which is why we're able to connect with this track so quickly but it's the way that the whole thing is delivered musically and vocally that really wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

This track has a way of sticking with you for hours or even days after it's ended, and you can tell that there was a lot of heart that went into this music.

This is evident even through the knowledge of understanding that there was so much attention to detail that went into the creation of this song.

No matter what, and never loses that character and it never loses that heart or soul that it was born from in the first place and that might be the most important part of the entire thing.

I adored this song and getting washed away with it. I think that it was refreshing and in a way of rejuvenating to be able to escape into this for a small chunk of time because that in itself is a gift and only certain kinds of music can give that gift.

Everyone involved put an amazing effort forward and together they were able to create something that felt big and had a certain kind of power behind it and drive that all came from that emotion that made the song happen in the first place.

This was indeed an emotionally driven single and it definitely left its mark for me and I'm sure it will for many others.

Beautifully done, I give this track a 9 out of 10 straight up.

Listen to this one with headphones on or in the car so there are no interruptions around you to stop it.

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