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A Banger Of A Classic Rock Album Delivered From Datura4

A new album release from Datura4 delivers a rare breed of classic rock with a vivacious set of color and texture that feels authentic with an aesthetic that hits the nail on the head and a certain kind of swagger not only in the vocals but certainly in that guitar performance as well.

The Invisible Hits album touches on several rock tones but what gets you is this unstoppable energy that gives off the feeling of a live performance because it's like the players are just feeding off of each other the entire time.

Perhaps a good chunk of these songs were actually recorded live on the floor. I'm not sure about that of course but either way, it certainly makes you want to see these guys live because if the energy is captured on record the way it is here, then seeing them live must just be outstanding.

The guitar riffs are righteous and have this great swagger and attitude to them and a lot of these tracks have this robust set of organs that are performed that don't just give atmosphere to the songs, but they riff out as well and it helps give the tracks drive which is something you don't see often when it comes to keys or organs.

This is what I mean when I say classic rock because this gives you the full vintage classic rock experience with some added bells and whistles that don't necessarily update things but give them a hint of edginess here and there that works well on these songs.

A whole bunch of these songs feel super cinematic to me, like you can certainly see them in films even from the 70s and '80s.

These guys really have a damn good time doing their thing and you can clearly hear that in the music because they're jamming out a lot and everything about the instruments and the way that they're performed seem to complement each other all too well.

Some of these tracks hit a classic blues rock vibe and others hit more of a hard rock feel but they never lack Soul, energy, character, and persona which all together make for something insanely memorable.

These songs put you there in their space and once you're in it you never want to leave so the record is a little bit of an escape and a lot of these songs can get your blood pumping or put you in a certain kind of mood.

You have songs that extensively jam with giant chunks of riffing back and forth, harmonica solos, guitar jams, and so much more but you also have catchiness and memorable vocals as well that also stick to that live performance energy which is just completely vivacious the entire time.

By the time you get to the 6th or 7th track you learn to expect a little bit of the unexpected but you also know you're going to get something that feeds back into that staple vibe of the band itself and so you still get surprises around the corners but it's also very satiating at the same time because if you like one track you're going to like them all so when you get to the middle of the record you know what you want out of it and that always gets delivered and then some.

This was an insanely fun, danceable, fists-in-the-air rock soiree that had heart, soul, and an endless and excitable, electric energy that has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

Don't just listen to this record, turn it up and by the way, make sure you listen to it all the way through because if you only listen to one or two tracks, you're only getting little bits and pieces of what this band can deliver.

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