Get  Down With "Sunrise" by NIÑØ 


NIÑØ just dropped a neo dance track called "Sunrise" and it hits that sweet spot between disco and synth-pop. 

One of the best things about this track is the use of a vocoder which you just don't hear that much anymore. 

The track builds and grows from a dance into a samba percussion fiesta and walking bassline that just breathes and gets you off your ass and moving. 

"Sunrise" is a neon laced vintage synth laden song, bright with life and energy. 

Bringing a cinematic feel to track wasn't difficult for NIÑØ as it all feels natural and smooth while the song changes and morphs into its different stages. 

This track has more musical hooks than anything we've heard in quite some time and it was made to get down to for sure. 

"Sunrise" is a counter part to "Worth Ur While"; another single released this year from NIÑØ that also tastefully touches on that 80's synth pop feel. 

Keep an eye out for NIÑØ in 2021. We feel like there will be more to come. We certainly hope there will be. 

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