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Murder for Girls takes a new approach to rock with their new EP, Six Stories. Brimming with character, a gritty thrash rock undertone, and plenty of infectious hooks, the record boasts an explosive combination of alternative rock aesthetics and riot grrl energy.

 The first single, "Monster" hits the listener hard with an aggressive beat and captivating chorus.

"Monster is about someone that makes the choice every day to abuse you. Once you finally break free from the monster, life is so good, and the monster gets smaller and uglier and starts to smell like rotten fish guts.”  explains Michele, the band’s drummer, vocalist, and lyricist of the song.

While the track speaks volumes by itself, Six Stories should be heard in its entirety for the listener to fully understand where Murder for Girls is coming from.

"We think Six Stories is our most polished and diverse work yet in terms of focus and overall production value as a band. Our time recording with the great Tommy Stinson and Floyd Fisher (FK) back in 2020 vastly deepened our perspectives on the songwriting / recording process, and also our self-awareness as to the sounds and spirit we want to achieve and how to capture them in the studio most effectively. These are the first songs written since experiencing that invaluable growth as a band,” says Steph, the trio’s guitarist and vocalist.

Murder For Girls is the brainchild of long time Pittsburgh bassist, Jonathan, who first set out to create a woman-centric band in 2012. He initially struggled with multiple lineup changes until 2013, when Michele - with her hard-hitting, energetic beats and irreverent vocals - stepped in and changed the game. By 2015, local songstress and grunge focused guitarist Steph signed on after seeing the band at a local club and becoming enamored with their melodic sound and style. Since then, the group has unleashed three full length albums and their latest triumph, the Six Stories EP.

The band continues to perform regularly at clubs and festivals and has shared the stage with the likes of MC5, Bob Mould (Husker Du), Richie Ramone, Shonen Knife, and Bash and Pop. They look forward to expanding their sound and base and hope to get on the road in the coming months while writing new material for future releases.

The Six Stories EP is available for streaming and download through most major outlets.

To learn more about Murder for Girls, please visit:

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