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A new full-length album release from Monolith takes on the form of a tasteful alternative-pop sound that breaks boundaries and becomes something unique and fresh. With retro synth sounds, deep rooted vocals, and a concept record approach, the album focuses on a unique theme. 


"Fright Night is a re-imagining of the film. The film focuses mostly on Charlie & Amy’s plot line with Jerry & Billy as the antagonists, so I wanted to flip that and have this album mainly focus on Jerry & Billy’s perspectives. Each song, except for the title track, is a scene from the film told from one character's perspective, also in the same sequence as the film. The album mostly focuses on Billy & Jerry’s relationship and its collapse with the reincarnation of Jerry’s old love (Amy). Songs like Chemical Imbalance & From Dusk ’Til Dawn detail Billy’s dependence on Jerry, with the former being from Jerry’s perspective and the latter from Billy’s." explains songwriter Sam Kowalski of the album. 

The first single "Take Your Hand" is a catchy synth-pop track that breeds a nostalgic and danceable style. 


"Sonically, this is the gateway into the second half of the album, coming right off the grand 'Chemical Imbalance', and ushering in the more upbeat section of the record. This single is inspired by the scene in which Evil Ed is being chased down an alleyway by Jerry, and when Jerry corners him. This song explores Ed’s motivations for taking Jerry’s hand, like Charlie sidelining him as a friend and his desire to be loved and embraced. The spoken-word bridge is Ed’s death at the hands of Peter Vincent, before going on to when Jerry stalks Charlie and Amy in the nightclub, in 'In the Middle of the Floor'." describes Kowalski of his single.


Although the single is an attention-grabbing pop song, to get the full understanding of the Fright Night album, it should be heard in its entirety.


"Since the beginning, I’ve seen my production skills increase, and I think these are some of my best lyrics I’ve written. I also embraced a more conventional style of song structure, while also not limiting myself, lyrically." Kowalski says.


Monolith is the brainchild of Sam Kowalski and although you'd never guess it, he began making music in 2020 with free time spent during the pandemic. 


Releasing his first single "Ozone" and an 8-track record dubbed Chris that year and as time went on, he was inspired to keep writing and recording more and more. 


After some time, he had enough to release a full-length album called On a Scale From 1 to 10 in early 2022 along with several music videos for singles from the record. 


However, throughout most of the two years spent writing and producing his songs, he was always working on an album in pieces here and there. That album was the Fright Night album after the 1985 film of the same name.


The film concept album is a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 


Fright Night is available on most streaming outlets and Kowalski is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 


To learn more of Monolith, please visit:

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