Mauri Dark Gets Personal with "Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man"


Mauri Dark just released a single and video dubbed "Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man" and it's beautifully sullen and holds true to the platform great songwriters build from. We are talking about experience and emotion. 

Dark has no problem putting himself out there for everyone to see no matter how deep inside the songs come from.  

The single is brutally honest and descriptive as he delves into his dreams of being a rock star changed over time and how things change in life as you get older. 

Of course the song isn't without a little humor and a lot of realness. 

It's hard not to get pulled into this track and get stuck floating in its atmosphere as it swells with strings and paints pictures with words with such a precise and inciting style. 

"Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man" beckons the rawness of Johnny Cash and the grace of Elliot Smith. 

The video acts as its counterpart and does an amazing job of watching everything unfold through this songwriters eyes. 

The single is part of an upcoming full length album to be released Dec 18th everywhere. 

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