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Luke Woltanski

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With the release of the Before We Part album, Luke Woltanski takes a genre bending approach to create a record lush with soulful undertones, an endless and addictive energy, and a strong pop backbone that all come together with hints of classic and contemporary rock. 


The first single "Tin Roof" hits quickly with its infectious groove and colorful pop sensibility. 


"Tin Roof" really harkens to this barrier between who we are in public in the day to day and who we are in our head. There’s always that internal monologue that we have with ourselves – second guessing, jumping to conclusions, not jumping to conclusions, regretting and hoping – that we can usually keep strictly internal during the day. But there are always those times where the voice on the inside starts to become hard to ignore. The same goes with the title of the single, the 'Tin Roof' is this barrier between our main character and whatever feelings that he or she is having about someone – the rain. As the song goes on, the character tries to use different things to capture the rain (their feelings) and keep them contained and away from them – but as those kinds of efforts usually end out, they eventually have to come face to face with the rain, with their feelings about that person." explains Woltanski of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the record, to get a full understanding of where Luke Woltanski is coming from, the album should be heard in its entirety.


"This was a special record being able to really get into the nitty-gritty of arrangement with another artist; Carson (Waites) has such an incredible ear for production. Carson and I took a hard look at making sure that we were only putting in the most necessary instrumentation while still being able to get a 'big sound.' Having more instruments gives more texture and body to a work, but it can also take away from the writing of the progressions and lyrics, so this recording tried to slim everything down a little. Of course, there are still some pretty dense songs, but that was because of a very conscious decision! Carson Waites actually engineered this record and to be honest, I quite liked not having to worry as much about mixing! This record was produced with more of a pop style in mind, instead of the more classic rock mixing that we had in our last release Dangerous Music Man. " says the artist of creating the album.


Teaming up with Caron Waites on the production of the release was a great move for Woltanski as the two ended up making a perfect team.


The story of how Luke Woltanski fell in love with music is quite interesting. As a toddler only Springsteen, Seger, or Bruce Hornsby cranked up loud along with dancing him around the house would get him to drift off into sleep.


After being trained to sing in choir in elementary school, Woltanski finally asked for his first acoustic guitar in the beginning of middle school and hasn't put it down since. As a matter of fact, he still owns it now.


He later found a harmonica at an old estate sale and from there, took a year of piano lessons before teaching himself the instrument and it was then that he started really writing his own music.


Things progressed quickly from there as he fell into jazz which sparked a new direction for him as he'd been writing folk tunes until then.


The artist has always loved performing live and now plays shows full time while always working on new songs with free time. Hence the album release.


Before We Part serves as a testament to where he is at in his music career right now.


The album will be released March 5th on all major platforms.


To learn more of Luke Woltanski please visit: Luke Woltanski & Resonate Widely Studios - Home

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