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With the release of the Mockingbird album, Luke Woltanski takes the best parts of some classic genres and builds a fresh take on a vintage sound. Laced with beautiful melodies, and plenty of authentic character, the record boasts the sounds of timeless singer-songwriter and folk anthems. 


The lead single of the same name is a song with vivid lyrics, an infectious melody, and a warm tonality. 


"This is a song of unrequited love. The mockingbird can imitate many calls, which makes it sort of a natural curiosity. I think of unrequited love in a similar fashion: in wanting to be with someone I (and I suspect many others) create this image in my head of what I THINK the person I love is like, even if that may not be who they really are. In a way, we each create a "Mockingbird" of the people we love from afar. Even in relationships that start but have to end because things get broken off, or circumstances change, we still keep an idealized view of it in our head. That's what this song is about, and the bittersweet feeling that such thoughts give.", explains Woltanksi of the song.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album itself, to get a real understanding of where Luke is coming from with the record, it should be listened to in full.

"Mockingbird is my 4th studio album, and it's by far my most personal. The songs from this album were written between May 2020 - August 2022, and it encompasses stories from my life while graduating college in 2020, moving down to northern Georgia to still play during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, and then moving back to a changed Michigan in 2021 and 2022. It's almost a concept album in some respects, starting off with a hopeful start into an unsure future in Horizon Line, and ending with my admittance that I only made it this far because of a power higher than myself with a cover of Amazing Grace. I had the chance to record this album with the friends and musicians who made me who I am today, such as Dean Sinclair (drums), Jake Rummel and John Piatek (bass), Dan Palmer (lead guitar), Carson Waites (organ, EP), Kylar Kuzio and Mykayla Stiles (vocals), Jon Gewirtz (saxophone) and Dalton Sala and Seth James (lead guitar). 2020-2022 were two years that fundamentally formed me as a person, and I'm so excited to be able to share the stories I found and made during that time in Mockingbird.", says the songwriter.

The album is newly released and runs the gambit of lush and impactful songwriting, soundscapes, and emotional drive. 

The songs tell stories and paint pictures for the listener all performed with a heart behind it.


Luke Woltanski's Mockingbird is available now on all major streaming platforms and the artist is performing regularly right now. To learn more about the artist you can see any of the links at the top of the EPK or visit the website: Luke Woltanski

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