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Lost on the Metro

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With the release of the "Mariana" single, Lost on the Metro brings a cinematic southern rock style to life. Laced with gritty tones, a lively energy, and plenty of pop influence, the song boasts the aesthetic of radio rock ballad anthems. 


 Mariana, to me, is one moment suspended in time.  It’s a reflection, it’s a lament, it’s a primal level yearning to me.  I hope that connects to listeners in whatever way they feel it.  It might resonate differently for everyone.  I hope it does, honestly.  It’s also a song about seeking solace in the middle of depression - floating on a deep current and hoping to lose myself.” 

Although "Mariana" speaks volumes for the band, to get a real understanding of where Lost on the Metro is coming from, their full back catalog is a must hear.


Jilly: "I am always thinking how things are different lyrically; for me Ramey Road is like telling a story, a narrative about an event or a place or how we view the passing of time. 

Mariana for me is more like a moment in time.  When I wrote the original poem, my overwhelming emotions when writing it were right in that moment."

David: "I’m always thinking about the sound and the mood of the songs haha.  Ramey Road is crunchier, with a growl about what’s been lost.  Mariana is more contemplative for me, moodier.


Lost on the Metro started in the basement of Jilly and David's house.  All three band members had grown up in musical families, but Jilly and David were married for 20 years before they realized by chance that they were pretty good at writing songs together.  They were both asked to participate in a teacher cover band, and their show went so well, they ended up booking gigs after that.  The lead singer of the teacher band suggested everyone write songs over the summer, and that pressure was just what David and Jilly needed to discover that they had this immense well of creativity that was just waiting to overflow into songs.  The two of them ended up hiring a babysitter and running down to the basement to keep writing and rehearsing. 

When Jilly and David had quite a few songs ready, they reached out to some friends to see if they wanted to join.  David knew Josh from David’s Guitar Loft (Josh teaches guitar), and “we took a chance on asking him if he wanted to come and listen to our songs.  That was 3 years ago, and we are so glad he decided to keep coming back!! We have become songwriting partners and family, and our sound reflects that growing trust. We call Josh The Architect because he takes our raw songs, breaks them down, and builds them back up to the next level every time,” says David.  


For a time, the band was a 5 piece but due to Covid, things didn't stick, so Lost on the Metro ended up being the trio it remains to be today. 


After releasing the full-length Letters & Landlines album last year to rave reviews, then the recent single "Ramey Road", "Mariana" is where they are with their sound right now.  

The single will be available on all major streaming platforms on January 24th and the band is already working on new material for the near future. 

To learn more of Lost on the Metro please visit: Lost on the Metro (

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