Lost In silence Crosses metal boundaries with "The Witness"

Lost In Silence recently released "The Witness; a new single from the alternative metal band that combines electro-synths and bending guitar riffs to create something that sounds what one can describe as future metal. If that's not a thing, it is now and Lost In Silence is a major part of breeding it. 

It's very hard hitting and seemingly ever building but really it's those changes that make it so good. Sour to positive, and into think heaviness. 

Then, before you know it, you floating along with the songs bridge. 

lost in silence.jpg

"The Witness" brings to  mind Static X and 30  Seconds To Mars all in one beefed up track. 

Of course, taking their own path musically is nothing new for Lost In Silence. 

These guys have been around the block and it shows in the music. 

There is a solid maturity along with the space -metal and riff drudgery the song provides. 

Strong and catchy vocal melodies are an excellent counterpart to the songs heavier screamier sections.

Lost In Silence certainly pushed their limits with this track and it was worth it.

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