Let The Wolves Speak crush everything with "The Lone One"

The new single release form Wisconson based hardcore metal outfit Let The Wolves Speak showcases the bands  shear power and knack for combining distant melodies and pounding riffs. 

A sure fire track to get any mosh pit  started, "The Lone One" can get you going from 0-60 in a few short seconds. 

A completely crushing sound, these guys have no fear bringing out the big guns with dual creaming vocals while the music breaks into and open landscape of earth rattling melodic progressions before it goes back into double kick hardcore deep cutting. 


All fans of hardcore, back metal, and anything that will really get your blood flowing and your head banging will love this band.  

You better have a damn good stereo system in your car cause you need to blast this track out loud. 

A killer release from Let The Wolves Speak. 

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