Artist Spotlight Interview - Kat Kikta

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Kat Kikta just released a beautiful and enticing track called "Deja Vu". 

The ethereal single creates and enormous soundscape and does it with a perfectionism and heart as the song engulfs you and begins to slowly take over your surroundings. 

A wonderous and haunting track, "Deja Vu" takes you to a new world and leaves you floating in its ether. 

Vocals swell and sway around you as percussion and ambient pads swallow you. 

Like a dream, this song is something you get so taken in by it, that when it's over, you almost wake up from a trance. 

It's video counterpart is essential for the song as it also takes you on a journey with Kat. 

We absolutely had to have a talk with the artist to find out where this came from and what it all means. 

RAG: Okay Katarina, let's start with "Deja Vu". This is an ethereal and ambient, beautifully structured song. Where did this come from? 


Kat: Thank you, this one was unlike any other actually, it was like a lightning strike, I must have written it in three minutes... but to give a background to that; it was winter, dark, I was on a train, at Finchley Road station (in London, UK) which I pass through all the time, and I was reflecting on my life and what shape it had taken over the years- as I think a lot of people do at that time of year, and a strange feeling arose, I felt like all the times I had passed through that space became one, the first time and the two thousandth time. It was as though my relationship with this train station had transcended time, time wasn’t relevant anymore. It was a wonderful feeling. 


RAG: The single is part of your upcoming album release Moldavite. Can we expect more material of this style and feel on the album? 


Kat: Definitely, though not exactly the same feel and style - each track is fairly different from the last, yet they work together well. And all have my signature sounds – strong atmosphere through my use of field recordings& soundscapes and of course – my voice and vocal harmonies. 


RAG: I have to say I love the video for "Deja Vu". It was enticing and I couldn't stop watching. It looked like there was a lot that went into it. Did it come out the way you expected? Were you happy with it in the end?


Kat: I was extremely happy with how it turned out; I actually cried the first time I saw it finished. I knew I wanted a handmade feel, something that could be strong without a ton of special effects. I wanted a story of sorts, a journey. I asked Tom Cheshire to shoot it for me after I saw some of his night-time photos that he had been taking just using candles to light open spaces and they really resonated with the quiet and powerful energy that I intended to put into the track. So - It was just Tom, a camera and me, out in the middle of this huge beautiful forest, which Tom insisted was haunted- and I think I agree with him. I grew up spending a lot of time around campfires with my family and it was very special making this video and doing that again after so long.


RAG: So how did this all start for you?


Kat: It started with theatre, creating sound for theatre productions I was performing in and I became fascinated with ambient and atmospheric soundscapes. I became so obsessed by sound I started making my own soundscapes, then I made a few dance/art films (which I will release next year as well). I’d always written lyrics, words, poetry and I wanted to bring all of that together; it took a while for me to develop my songwriting and production skills, and I feel It is all coming together with this album. You can hear I am very happy with how this whole album has materialized and I truly can’t wait to share it with the world.


RAG: I'm hearing all sorts of gathered sounds on the single and was wondering, who are your biggest musical influences?


Kat: Different parts of what I do are influenced by very different people. Brian Eno fuels my curiosity wonderfully and has been a very big influence on me from a young age, I love the way Bjork puts nature and technology together- which are two big loves of mine, I love the purity of Enya’s vocals, and Kate Bush is simply a goddess. A lot of what I choose to put in a song comes out of nature and technology. I record a lot of nature sounds as well as my voice and thanks to technology – I can change, alter and manipulate the sounds. There are always new toys and new ways of making sound coming out and I love to just play and embrace it and get to grips with it. 


RAG: Will you be performing live when the time comes? Did you perform live a lot before? 


Kat: I will definitely perform live as much as I can, though I have to say – the time in a studio and in front of the camera is more important for me at the moment, as I have quite a few more ideas which I would like to bring forth. But certainly, when the time comes when we can gig again – there will be live shows and I already have a few beautiful venues in mind. 



RAG: This single and video is quite a musical and visual accomplishment. What kind of advice would you give aspiring artists trying to get heard out there?


Kat: This is my first single, and my first album, so I don’t feel I have accomplished much yet, though I would definitely say: Be patient… Nothing worthwhile was built overnight and It can take time to develop – just focus on your art, learn and practice every day so you become really good at what you do, pour your heart into it, build new skills and most importantly – find joy in everything that you do – that will go a long way and make you shine.


RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?


Kat: I listen to music, haha! Or spend time outdoors - I’m a mountain girl – I grew up in the mountains of Slovakia, so I’m happiest with fresh air and sunlight. Even now while I live in London – I look for every opportunity to get out into nature – I cycle everywhere, and I spend a lot of time getting out, walking, trekking and climbing. I love travelling and discovering new places, learning about new cultures and meeting new people.

Also – I absolutely love painting or making jewellery out of beautiful stones or shells and I really enjoy cooking! I throw the best dinner parties in town – can’t wait to have all my friends around again…


RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans?


Kat: Accentuate the positives & eliminate the negatives. 

Look for the joy in everything you do and appreciate all the good things in your life. 

Doing these literally turned my life around and I’d recommend it to everyone.

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