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With the release of The Lightning Project EP, Joel Kraft brings a cinematic and bright pop sound to life. Laced with colorful melodies, a lively energy, and a danceable overtone, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie pop anthems. 


The first single "Queen of Kings" is a delightfully vibrant and infectious song built with layers of melodic hooks that let the song shine.


"The name Queen of Kings refers to a matriarch. When I was little, before I knew the world thought of god as a man, I thought she was a woman. When I learned most people call god “he”, it melted my brain! I feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since. That’s kind of what the song is about, that space between a person’s experience of the world and what everyone else is saying." explains Kraft of his single.

Although the track speaks volumes for the EP, to get a full understanding of where songwriter Joel Kraft is really coming from, the entire EP is a must hear. 


"It’s been really fun to produce these songs myself. There’s been a lot of experimentation and time to play that you don’t get when you’ve booked studio time and are racing to get the tunnel-vision version committed. Great recordings are made that way all the time, of course, but I feel I personally benefit from having time to let things percolate. Queen of Kings lived as a song with sampled drums for a long time, then at some point I had an opportunity to work with Nick Baker, an amazing drummer, on some tracks. On a whim I asked him to try playing on Queen of Kings, and it elevated the recording even more. I’m so glad! If I’d had a time limit, this version would never have existed." says the songwriter of creating the EP.

Joel Kraft began his musical journey by performing his songs in coffee shops and bars in Kansas City. Putting his own band together while he played guitar in other projects at the same time, the artist really dove right in.


Upon relocating to Portland Kraft performed in a number of bands ranging from pop to 60's psych rock and plenty in between and with each outfit he played with, he learned and grew as a musician. 


After a time, the songwriter knew he wanted to focus on his own material again and decided to quit the bands and start writing with an idea in mind. He knew he wanted to make something fun with synths, vocal harmonies, and a new found sound.


Soon enough, Kraft returned to Kansas City, where it all began. It's been there where he built out his home studio and has been honing his sound since. 


After releasing his full length Big Ideas album, he gave himself time to evolve musically and personally, and it was then that The Lightning Project was finally born. 


The EP is a testament to where he is with his sound right now.  

The Lighting Project is set to release Feb 1st and will be available on all digital outlets for streaming or download. 


To learn more of Joel Kraft please visit: Joel Kraft (