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There are brighter days ahead in Jamie Alimorad's Brighter Days Ahead album release. 

The record boasts some amazingly catchy pop rock songs but also blends in some contemporary indie pop complete with jazz undertones and radio friendly feels all around. 

Each song has it's own life and breathes some freshness into the record. 

Some beautifully performed ballads that give an almost theatrical feel. Swelling musical breezes hit you and you are ready for the next track. 

It feels like a concept album of sorts and we wanted to sit down and have a talk with Jamie  to find out what we could. 

RAG: So Jamie, This Is Tomorrow Calling is quite a vibrant album and it certainly brings several genres together. Where did this come from?


Jamie: I've always been a fan of a variety of genres, and my favorite artists are really good at taking elements of different styles, and fusing them. It was an absolute dream come true to work with Gino Vannelli and Ross Vannelli on the album, and they're both masters at this. During pre-production meetings, it was a set goal for Gino and I to produce an album that showcased my ability as a singer, songwriter, and musician. The goal was to create the best songs possible. Don't worry about making things fit in a particular box, just write great songs.


RAG: With the eclectic array of styles on the album I'd love to know about your influences. What bands or artists really made a difference in your life?


Jamie: I've been a fan of Gino since I was a teenager, and his singing and writing has influenced me ever since. Being in the studio with him on this project elevated me to new heights in every aspect.  The Tubes are my all-time favorite band, and I've been friends with them for nearly two decades, which is crazy to think. Fee Waybill mentored me throughout my teenage years and college. The Beatles, Rick Springfield, Richard Marx, Toto, Go West, Yes, have all been major influences at various points in my life. I think many people would be surprised that I'm a huge Backstreet Boys fan. I love vocal harmony, and those guys are the best. Melody and arrangement is always what I gravitate towards when listening to music. I love to see artists grow and mature. If they sound the same over decades, something is wrong.


RAG: When and  how did all of this start for you?


Jamie: I was born into a musical family. I was hearing music while inside the womb! My dad exposed me to most of the artists I love, and I branched out from there. I was addicted to reading the liner notes of cassettes and CDs, and absorbing the artwork. It was like going through a portal to another world. My imagination would run wild of what it was like in the studio while the recording sessions were happening. I started piano lessons and singing in the church choir in 2nd grade, band in 4th grade, I started my first garage band in 7th grade, and studied music technology in college. Whilte at Northeastern University, I got discovered at a music festival and signed a production deal that led to my debut EP, and subsequent LP. It got some radio play, and before I knew it, I went from a guy playing all the campuses and clubs in Boston, to headlining at the Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood. It sounds like it happened fast, but it was a constant build day after day. There were so many months of nothing, and then BAM, booked for a tour. Recording and releasing This Is Tomorrow Calling took over 4 years!


RAG: You've been professionally releasing songs for over a decade. Is there any advice you'd give to aspiring songwriters or artists out there?


Jamie: Put in the work. You have to put in the work. It's fun, it's exciting, it's tiring, it's frustrating, but that's the process. You have to take the good with the bad, and you need people around you that are honest. If the song sucks, it sucks. Don't be afraid of that. Embrace it, and learn from it. We're our own worst critics, and we are often too much in our heads. The right people around you, who are honest, will tell you the truth. Then, and most importantly, you have to be honest with yourself. Keep practicing, work on the craft, and take it seriously.


RAG: I feel  like you write quite a lot. What's a guy like you do when you're not working on music?


Jamie: I call myself a Costco writer. I have periods where I'm prolific, and I have idea after idea in wholesale bunches. Then I have these periods that follow where there's nothing. I have all the material I need, and I don't have to go shopping for awhile. Inspiration strikes when it does, and I take advantage of that. When I'm not working on music, I'm playing Nintendo, hiking, on the beach, trying to organize a wiffle ball game (when there's not a global pandemic), and I'm a big time Boston Red Sox fan, so I'm always keeping up with the hot stove, and watching the games.


RAG: Will you be performing live when the time comes?


Jamie: I can't wait to get back out there, but safety is most important right now. I can be patient until then. I have ideas for ways that we can do streaming shows eventually, but it needs to be done the right way.

RAG: What's next for you? Is there anything you're working on right now?


Jamie: This Is Tomorrow Calling still has plenty of legs, and I have a few music videos that I want to produce of those songs. I've been writing, and I'm looking towards 2021 of when and how we might be able to get in the studio and record. I also hope next year we can get in a studio space and do some streaming shows. We'll see.


RAG: Before we go, is there anything you'd like to say or express to your fans?


Jamie: I can't thank everyone enough for the support all these years. The journey to release This Is Tomorrow Calling is largely in part to the Kickstarter backers, and a lot of patience. All the requests at radio have produced two Top 40 singles, and it's by far my best selling and most streamed release to date! It's all thanks to you! I wish I could've brought the show to all the cities we had booked this year, but I'll be there eventually. I hope you're all doing well. Be safe, turn the music up, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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