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      The Please Help - "Solar"

       Brianna Kin - "City Song"

The Please Help releases "Solar", a spaced out, cinematic dream rock ballad. 


      Pastel hELL- "cold Body"

Brianna Kin releases "City Song". Gorgeous piano playing and passionate vocals is the name of her game.


Pastel Hell releases "Cold Body", a very Bowie inspired emo track surrounded by brave guitars, strings and spaciness. 


The foxies releases "Anti Socialite". Outrageously addictive super  pop that won't escape your brain.


      photoplay- "frankie"

Photoplay releases "Frankie". Drift of in a neo-cinescape of orchestrated classic rock / dream pop cross over.  


Modern Dialect releases "back to You". A super catchy emo driven light hearted pop rock song. 


      local teen- "diamonds"

Local Teen releases "Diamonds".  Youthful, brutally honest, pure rock with heart and bright songwriting.


Dig Exotic releases "Ready For This". Very cool 90's alt synth EDM cross over project with loads of digital soundwaves to delve into. 


cowboy dinosaur - "fooling anybody"

Cowboy Dinosaur releases "Fooling Anybody".  See if you can not get hooked on these guys. We dare you. 


Dig Exotic releases "Ready For This". Very cool 90's alt synth EDM cross over project with loads of digital soundwaves to delve into. 


The Willis - "We Believe In Stereo"

The Willis releases "We believe In Stereo".  This song gives you everything you want from a damn good indie rock outfit. 

Deathlayer releases "Puddle". bendy guitars and lots of fuzzy sounds, this one has some Queens Of The Stone Age influence behind it.


Autumn charade - "remember the times"

Autumn Charade releases "Remember The Times".  This heartfelt emo acoustic song is performed with plenty of passion. 


Jacket releases "Skyline Hearts (Syst3m Glitch Remix)".  This one captures the 1980's heart in a bottle and musically explodes it everywhere. It's amazing. 


Without Words releases "Sick / In Love".  Bright pop rock with Metric style vocals that sticks to your brain. 


John Hoe releases "That Kind of Girl".  A  colorful indie-pop track with fuzz bass lines and an undertone of industrial. 


        LEE SIMEONE - "Star Lane"

Lee Simone releases "Star Lane".  The song is a dream-pop coldwave cross over with a mix of sweet guitars and digital pads. 


Fay Elizabeth releases "Remedy!! (F# Remix)". This incredibly catchy young song proves there is a lot to make way for with young songwriters. 


Runaway Ricochet releases "Baggage".  Ska pop punk with all the bells and whistles (horns in this case) that you'd want from such a fun track.


Stunod releases "Pizza, We Love You".  Yes, it's a classic rock track dedicated to our love for pizza, and it's so good it's scary. 


ben Edge releases "New Tradition".  An eerie folk song that  tends to haunt as it gets under your skin.


Bloonlines releases "Karen  Carpenter".  A killer synthwave project that reaches into the slasher film in all of us.


End of An Era releases "Gun To My Head".  A dark pop-punk release set from personal experience. 


Valerie Avenue releases "Blue Jeans". Think Saves The Day meets Weezer in the tropics.


Dear Darkness releases "Liquor Store".  Badass power punk riot girl rock for your ears.


Lava Fangs releases "Line Up For A Broken Heart". Super classic rock 70's punk style track with smashing attitude.


       Vincent John - "Temptation "

Vincent John releases "Temptation".  Fresh pop at its finest with a slight twist of vintage and dance rock. 


Natural Heathcliff releases "Tide". Soothing and different forms of indie pop rolled into one amazing track.


               kitty - "2020"

Kitty releases "2020".  Very current R&B pop mash up with some damn cool synths, hip hop beats and building vocals.


Eagle Eyed Tiger releases "Is This What You Want?".  Mellow indie pop with vintage guitar sounds and milky vocals and synths.

eagle eyes tiger- "is this what you want?"


         dos cobros- "space wolf"

Dos Cobros releases "Space Wolf".  This instrumental surf metal track thrashes on and feels like it should be somewhere in From Dusk Till dawn. 


         elysse gwyn - "wild"

Elysse Gwyn releases "Wild". Soothing and distant, acoustic and vocals stand alone track from this excellent songwriter.


            kliffs - "bully"

Kliffs  releases "Bully". Hooky, rhythm smart and great at lyrical phrasing, complete with strings and more.


        sleeve cannon- "Vault"

Sleeve Cannon  releases "Vault". A cool attitude and some twangy fuzzy riffs bring everything together well. This guy doesn't hold back with his guitar paying either. 


 Bright Light Bright Light & Cave Boy

Bright Light Bright Light & Cave Boy releases "It's Alright, It's Okay". Gleaming synth-pop with a classic vibe.


        Lauren Torres - "Lose"

Lauren Torres releases "Lose". Quirky R&B hip Hop mix with aggressive beats and sultry style.


        Freak Fingers - "Silver"

Freak Fingers releases "Silver". 90's style beats with huge synth pads and sassy vocals. 


     Mating Ritual - "The Bungalow"

Mating Ritual releases "The Bungalow". Fun, poppy, and a classic Peter Gabriel feel to it.


  civil cypher - "Everything They Say"

Civil Cypher releases "Everything They Say". melodic alt rock with smooth vocals and some fun additions out of the norm.


          Twin Ritual - "Strangers"

Twin Ritual releases "Strangers". Dancy, plucky, pop rock with distant ambience and a damn good front woman.


          Air Space - "Marillion"

Air Space releases "Marillion". Pop Rock greatness with huge choruses. 


Rhaina Yasmin releases "It's Dark in Here".  Light pop rock with beautiful vocals and soaked with reverb.


       Surfer Blood - "dori deer"

Surfer Blood releases "Dori Deer (feat. Lindsey Mills)".  A great alter pop rock song that feels good to listen to. 


Project Atlantic releases "Lonely Planet".  A 90's style folk rock song with distanced vocals that feels like a dream.


          saD - "Sign From Above "

SaD releases "Sign From Above".  More darkwave than anything else, this captures some of that classic feel from decades passed.


The JB Conspiracy releases "The Long Road To Zurich".  Ska punk blitzkrieg you can listen to on repeat at least 5 times in a row.


People Fox releases "Yo No Se".  Touching on that mid  90's grunge pop sound, this song fits in with that one chapter in your life.


Chloe Ho releases "I'm Just Really Bored".  Gorgeous track laden with inventive vocals and really shows what a home recording  artist can do on her own.


         twilight  i - "road sign"

Twilight I releases "Road Sign".  Neo-dance pop song with a sort of reverb drenched atmosphere.


             offing- "wave"

Offing  releases "Wave".  Synth laden dream pop that's terrific to fall asleep to. 


 cold jackets - "don't  talk to me"

Cold Jackets releases "Don't Talk To Me".  This feels like an orchestra with deep bass synth lines and indie rock vocals. 

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