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With the release of "Someday", Hi Fidelity takes some of the best parts of some classic genres and builds a sound familiar, but their own. Laced with dreamy melodies, smooth melodic vocals, and a lush sound, the record boasts the aesthetic of 1970's pop-rock anthems. 


"The song just kind of came to me one night while I was strumming some chords on the guitar. The main chord progression of the song was the first thing written and I was just playing and then it kind of just came to me while I was humming along, and I said “Bah dum bah bah you’ll come back someday.” And I thought, “Hey, I like that. Yeah, Someday, that’s good.” So I ended up writing the lyrics around that phrase and I figured what better name than someday. It was short and simple and it captured the essence of the song and had a good ring to it. It’s a fitting name I think." explains songwriter Connor Wilcken of the single.


Although the single  speaks volumes for the band, it serves as a preview for the upcoming full length album set to release later this year.

"Someday can be seen as an example and a message to our listeners that we are evolving from our roots. Packed with tight melodies, layered with attention grabbing harmonies and a more developed musical composition, this single  sets the standard for Hi Fidelity way past the work of our previous releases and gives the listeners a good idea of what’s to come." says the band of the coming album.


Hi Fidelity is composed of three musicians all heavily influenced by music from a very young age.  The band was formed in 2019 and without hesitation began their musical journey with open arms. 


Releasing two singles and a full length debut album, the band has been met with praise and have tens of thousands of streams along with being a part of numerous playlists everywhere. 


"Someday" serves as a testament to where they are at with their sound today. 


The single is available on all digital streaming outlets now and the guys have their second LP set for release in early Summer 2022.


To learn more of Hi Fidelity please visit:

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