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With the release of the I'm Still Here album, Emmi Drennan gives off a youthful and powerful portrayal of character in a song that delivers an edgy but heartfelt pop anthem.

One of the singles, "When I Feel Alive" is a driving and colorful dance pop single that feels good to listen to from the get-go.

"This song came to me when I was thinking about motivation. Sometimes I feel very driven to work on my music career aspirations, and other times I get depressed and hopeless about it and struggle to overcome that. I wrote this song as a way to help me feel motivated when I'm having off days, and to remember that every time I overcome the struggle, it's worth it. The more I fight my challenges in life (like depression, illness/disabilities) and win, the more alive I feel. Plus, it's danceable!" explains the artist of her single.

Although the single speaks volumes for Emmi as an artist and person, to get a real understanding for who she is, listening to the full album is a must. 

Emmi's musical journey started at the age of only 5 when she began to beg her mother for piano lessons and only one year later, she wrote her first song. 

The song came to her in a dream, and she instantly fell in love with the process.

Continuing on to study classical piano, Emmi kept writing original pieces along with creating full songs; in 2013 she released her first full length piano album of original material. 

Following that the artist released an EP that was more rock based in 2015 along with several recent singles in the past few years and now the new album I'm Still Here.

"I'm Still Here" is a collection of songs about overcoming difficult circumstances, standing up and fighting for yourself, using your voice, recognizing your worth, and exploring new relationships.

Some songs are motivational, such as "When I Feel Alive," which is about finding inspiration to keep going and working towards your dreams and goals even when you feel like you're stuck in a rut. "I'm Still Here" encourages the listener to keep fighting and to never give up, no matter what challenges may come. “Let Go of Your Worries” is a sort of “pep talk” for when you’re feeling down about yourself and life as it urges you to know your worth and be your own cheerleader.

Other songs examine relationships, such as developing feelings for a friend and the fear of rejection (“More Than Friends?”) and learning to trust again after being hurt in previous relationships (“Trust You”).

“In The Past” and “It Happened To #MeToo” address more serious issues such as dealing with grief and loss or trauma and abuse and what it means to move forward after experiencing such tragedies." says Emmi of her continuing evolution on songwriting.

The album serves as a testament to where Emmi is at with her sound right now and is available on all major digital outlets for streaming and download. 

To learn more of Emmi Drennan, please visit Tour (


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