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Ella Cowley dropped a new single dubbed "Talk To Me" recently and it's an endlessly catchy and sultry track that brings a ton of shined pop production and power to the table. 

The song is ready for air waves and with a group of vocal hooks and plenty of sex appeal. 

"Talk To Me" will certainly get stuck in your head and you will likely find yourself humming the tune in the car later in the day but that's okay. You can listen to it again whenever you want. 

With a powerful and catchy pop song we wanted to sit with Ella to get to know where this came from and what's coming next from her. 

RAG: So Ella, let's start with "Talk To Me". This seems like a personal song and it really has a great radio pop feel. Where did this come from?


Ella: Thank you! I think ‘talk to me’ really captures the bad girl side that everyone has and it’s really fun and flirty. I really love it because it’s not a typical love song it’s way more complicated and messy but again fun and flirty at the same time.


RAG: You've got a powerful voice! Have you been singing a long time? How did all of this start for you?

RAG: Wow thank you so much, I’ve been singing literally my whole life in my bedroom and no one really knew, I remember coming out of the shower once and my mum was like “was that you?” which was quite funny. I've always just loved music and it’s great way to express all your emotions even if it is just in your room! My been working with my Vocal Coach Ruth Moore for 2 years now and she’s amazing too!


RAG: Who are your biggest musical influences? Any artists that really changed you?


Ella: I’m the biggest Ariana Grande fan ever. She voice is literally the most insane thing on the planet, I adore her sound sonically too and just think she’s a genius.  I also really love Taylor Swift, all her songs are so perfectly written and quite wordy which I love too!


RAG: Is this single just the start for you? Anything more in the works?


Ella: Yes it’s definitely just the very start, I’m aiming to get new music out early next year which is really exciting and can’t wait for everyone to hear it, especially since i got a great reaction with ‘talk to me’.


RAG: What does someone like you do when you're not working on music?


Ella: I mean music is a staple part of my day if I’m not writing then I’m singing literally non stop! I just hope next year we can get back to some normality and things can really pick up again so I can get working on producing new music!


RAG: You've already gained almost 200 followers on Spotify In such a short time. Is there any advice you'd give to aspiring artists trying to get heard out there?


Ella: I think the best advice is to just be yourself and be appreciative of literally any ounce of support people give you because at the end of the day no one has to listen to you or your music so if they’re choosing to take time out of their day to do that, it’s pretty amazing!


RAG: Do you think you'll be doing any live performances when the time comes?


Ella: Oh a million percent, I’m so sad that I can’t do that right now but hopefully it’ll be sooner than we think! I can’t wait to perform to new people and share my music!

RAG: Before we go, is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?


Ella: To all the people who have supported me over the last few months with my music, I just want to say the worlds biggest thank you. I honestly never been expected people to really listen to it never mind enjoy it and add it to their playlists and know the words. I appreciate it so much more than words can really say.

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