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DRUG MIRROR announce release of their new EP “Come For Us” on [date]. Mixed and mastered by Machine (Lamb of God, White Zombie, Fall Out Boy), the band is set to unleash this collection of hard hitting but diverse group of songs on the world. After wrapping their previous EP “Humanoid” the group decided to work on a collection of songs written by the members during the pandemic. Needless to say, the subject matter of the songs on this EP run the gamut of emotions everyone felt during the pandemic: anger, loss, and confusion. Each member contributed a composition of their own to this collection and their own individual perspectives can be felt and heard with each song.


The first single released will be “Taste” , a catchy little number about cannibalism that sounds like Turnstile, Deftones, and Mastodon all got in a room and wrote a song together. Mike and Rob’s lyrics take a turn for the morbid and hypothesize the worst case scenario of a complete societal breakdown and answering the question of “where would you turn for a hot meal?” (We denounce cannibalism in all its forms)


The single will be released digitally on all platforms and is the heaviest on the EP of nuanced hard rock songs. The song mixes hard hitting riffs, aggressive in your face vocals, along with dreamy and furious guitar work.


The EP is a next step in the evolution of Drug Mirror which now sees their music expanding with added synth soundscapes to juxtapose some of the heavier elements. They have no shortage of new material and continue to record, currently working on a single “Tyrant” which they plan to release in January. This will be the beginning of a plan to release a single every month for the year of 2023.


To learn more of Drug Mirror please visit:

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