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With the release of The Together album, Dracula Jackson takes some of the best parts of several genres and builds a sound all his own. Laced with addictive progressions, a classic rock undertone, and an arsenal of catchy riffs, the record boasts the aesthetic of alt-rock anthems. 


"I reached a threshold of songs that I felt all had a similar level of energy and attack, and realized they belonged on an album together. (No pun intended, lol) I had recorded "Apart" and a couple of the others a while before, then one day, I just got obsessed with completing the whole thing. Some of the songs like Daydream and Superthruster were older, but I felt they deserved to be included, since I thought they still rocked. As with all my stuff to date, I do all the writing, arranging, performing and recording, so it's no small task to record an entire album. I'm a bit of a control freak. ;)


Next time around, I will more than likely get someone else to mix, just to take a little bit of the work off my plate." - explains the songwriter of his album.

Dracula Jackson is the brainchild of songwriter Sean Jackson and the story of how it came to fruition starts when the artist was only 4 years old and began taking piano lessons. 

Taking classical theory lessons for 7 years, Jackson called it quits, walked home and wrote his first original song at the piano.

In his high school years, he managed to get his hands on a synthesizer, a bass, and finally guitar and nothing has quite been the same since. 

It wasn't long after that Jackson picked up his first 4 track mini studio and within that year, tracked his first album. 

After touring with various bands in his 20's and 30's, the artist took a hiatus from music to raise his children with his wife and has recently returned with the Together album. 

The release serves as a testament to where he is at with his music right now.

"Artistically, the album is a long, autobiographical love note. A lot of songs about love, loss and struggle, (and one about a fishpond of course.) I didn't come up with the "Apart/Together" thing until just before it was released, but I felt that tied the whole thing together (again, no pun intended.)" - says Jackson.

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