Dittomaster brings on the pop fun with "Always"

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Portland native Dittomaster just released his latest and a series of singles. "Always" is a shiney pop song with it's own set of quirks and staples that make it a unique and polished  form of pop music. 

Incorporating a virtual troupe of instruments, "Always" hits the ground running with an edgy alternative undertone and gets you moving.  

A fast paced romp with a blitzkrieg of colorful sounds will have you enchanted from the start. 

Dittomaster has an uncanny ability to bring you into his own special world and once your there, you want to stay. Why? Because it's enticing and endless fun. 

With a pack of singles dropped throughout 2020, this may not be the last thing we hear from him this year. And we certainly hope that's the case. 

Keep an open ear out for Dittomaster and check out "Always" along with the rest of his catalog as soon as you get the chance. You're not that busy. Just do it now.